The Rise Of Laser Brow Tattoo Removal

The number of women wanting to remove their microblading brow tattoo is soaring. Amy Jean now offers laser tattoo lightening and removal with Aussie Medi Tech’s Quanta System Discovery Pico, and we put it to the test.

Brow tattoos, also known as microblading or semi-permanent makeup, have been a game-changer for those seeking fuller, more defined eyebrows – a trend that has ruled the last 10 years.

The bigger and bushier, the better (think Cara Delevingne), which is why thousands of women went under the knife, aka blade, to have pigment deposited just below the skin’s surface, creating a stunning illusion of natural-looking brows – if done well.

If you’re in the right hands of a skilful brow artist, it’s a fabulous solution for people with sparse or overplucked eyebrows who want to wake up every day with perfectly sculpted arches.

But sometimes, what we think is a great idea at the time might not age as gracefully as we’d hoped. That’s where laser brow tattoo removal comes in.

As the popularity of brow tattoos has soared, so has the demand for their removal. And thanks to advancements in laser technology, the process has become more accessible and less painful than ever before.

There are many reasons why individuals choose to have their brow tattoos removed. Sometimes, the shape or colour doesn’t turn out as expected, leaving the person feeling self-conscious about their brows. Others simply change their mind or want to try a different brow trend. With the option of laser brow tattoo lightening or removal, they can easily hit the reset button and start anew.

Australia’s leading brow artists, Amy Jean, has been sculpting her patients’ brows for almost two decades, and operates five luxury salons nationally, employing over 30 highly trained brow artists. Her services include tinting, waxing, tweezing, laminating, and, as of June this year, brow tattoo lightening and removal. 

While tattoo removal in general has been popular for many years, Amy Jean recognised there was a void in the market surrounding high quality laser treatments dedicated to brows. “I noticed picosecond laser tattoo removal technology wasn’t yet being utilised by brow experts who are dedicated to the craft” Amy Jean says. 

Why Amy Jean Chose The Quanta System Discovery Pico

When it came to choosing the right device, Amy Jean partnered with Aussie Medi Tech and Quanta System. She chose the Quanta System Discovery Pico for her brow tattoo removal treatments, and has since done extensive training with Australian distributor Aussie Medi Tech to offer safe, fast treatments and excellent results.

The Quanta System Discovery Pico offers multiple wavelength in order to remove a wide range of pigment undertones that can be specifically targeted, including red, green, blue, and black, allowing for precise and accurate shattering of the specific unwanted pigment tones.

The Nd:YAG 1064nm wavelength is effective on black, dark blue, and dark brown tattoo inks, whereas the FD Nd:YAG 532nm wavelength targets red, orange, yellow, brown, and purple tattoo inks. 

Using Picosecond pulses, the Discovery Pico guarantees the most powerful and pure photo-acoustic effect, which is very efficient even on the smallest ink particles and skin pigmentations. The Q-Switched Nanosecond pulses are useful, especially in the very first tattoo removal sessions to effectively hit big tattoo ink clusters. 

It is important to note that the laser leaves any surrounding tissue and hair unharmed as it purely targets the pigment of the tattoo ink. 

Superior Skin Healing 

The Discovery Pico also comes with a fractional hand piece, which Amy Jean uses directly post-laser removal to stimulate collagen production and enhance the skin’s healing. The fractional skin stimulation has a multi-level effect on the skin, which allows the creation of LIOBS in the upper dermis. There is no downtime after the tattoo laser removal and fractional laser, other than a little bit of redness, which subsides quickly. 

We Tried Amy Jean’s Laser Tattoo Lightening 

Managing Editor Nadine Dilong shares her experience.

Top: Two year-old brow tattoo, middle: straight after the first laser session, bottom: straight after the second laser session

After having my brows microbladed over two years ago, I was ready to go back to my natural brows, not least because the colour of the tattoo had turned a bit grey in recent months. It wasn’t apparent to any of my friends, but I didn’t like the look anymore, leaving me with the only option of having them removed by laser. 

Brow lightening has become a huge trend, Amy Jean tells me during my appointment with her. A lot of her clients that come to see her for laser tattoo removal just want their old tattoo lightened, so that they can have a fresh tattoo on top, or to simply create a more subtle, more natural looking brow. In my case, I want the tattoo completely gone, which is why I need two sessions.

Thankfully, there isn’t that much pigment left in my brow tattoo, making a third session unnecessary, however, some patients may need more than two sessions to achieve the desired result.

Numbing cream is applied to my brows 30 minutes before the actual treatment for maximum comfort, and after a chat with AJ, I hop on the treatment bed, put on some safety goggles, and hear the laser being turned on.

AJ assures me it won’t hurt, and does a test patch to get me used to the sensation. Indeed, it doesn’t hurt at all, but feels like a rubber band being snapped onto the skin – you can’t help but flinch a little, but it’s not painful. “Wow, it’s gone!” says AJ after the test patch, and I can’t wait to see the result. She continues to glide the laser over my two brows and is done in less than five minutes.

My brows feel slightly warm, but that’s it, no discomfort whatsoever. AJ explains that she will help my skin heal by using the fractional hand piece of the Discovery Pico on my brows, which apparently stimulates collagen production. This also only takes about one minute, and we’re done. 

She hands me a mirror, and I can’t believe how much of the pigment is gone. I am left with very faint light brown tattoo strokes, and my brow hairs and surrounding skin are unharmed.

“Magic!” I say, as we walk back to the consultation room where AJ applies some soothing Aloe Gel to my brows and picks the right colour of brow pencil for me, which I will be able to use the next day.

The post-treatment instructions are simple: Keep the brows clean and moisturised with the Aloe Gel that is provided for about five days. Makeup is allowed from the day after the treatment, and I can have my brows tinted and shaped a week later, which is what I do, and the transformation is huge!

I go in four weeks later for my second and last laser tattoo removal treatment, which shatters the very small amount of pigment that is left from my old microblading tattoo, and walk out as a different brow-persona. Bye bye, brow tattoo; hello, natural brows. 

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