This Wellness Focused Tattoo Removal Clinic Sees Improved Treatment Results

Greeted with a Beauty Chef Elixir on arrival and a shoulder massage before the treatment, this is no ordinary tattoo removal clinic.

We all do things we regret, but luckily tattoos don’t have to be one of them. It’s estimated that 42 per cent of people aged between 18 and 26 have a tattoo, but there is no guarantee the ink will be loved 100 per cent of the time. Founder of Next Level Tattoo Removal Clinic, Kylie Hayden, could see the writing was on the walls (or should we say skin) when it came to the demand for tattoo removal services, which inspired her to open her clinic.

She had been keen to enter the industry for a few years, but the timing wasn’t right until 2019 when she found the perfect space in the heart of the Sydney CBD. Kylie signed the lease in February 2020, and then as most 2020 stories go, COVID-19 hit. She instead spent the lockdown researching and found some interesting insights on tattoo removal.

“I used my time wisely. I did loads of tattoo removal research to gain an insight into consumers’ experiences of having their tattoos removed. It was here a few things really started to stand out. All the tattoo removal clinics looked the same with the white walls and a very basic fit-out. There weren’t many touchpoints along the way to enhance the client experience, and of course, people found it very painful,” Kylie said.

Clients receive a Beauty Chef Elixir upon arrival.

Excited to shake up the industry, Kylie decided to tackle these points head-on. It is a tattoo removal clinic with a wellness twist. Clients are greeted upon arrival with a Beauty Chef Elixir to sip on while the numbing cream is applied. They then lay under LED light therapy and receive a calming neck and shoulder massage before the treatment.

“This is all to prepare and ease the client when the time comes for the actual tattoo removal. We then finish off the session with a take-home care pack which includes everything they will need for the following seven days,” Kylie adds.

These extra touches not only make the experience more pleasurable but also can improve the results. Next Level Tattoo Clinic uses Discovery Pico Laser device, which breaks down the ink into picosecond particles that flow into the lymph system. Kylie says wellness elements in the tattoo removal process play a huge part in the treatment’s effectiveness.

“The more hydrated the client and the more the tattoo is massaged, the better the result will be. We believe very strongly in this combination, and we also provide our clients with a complimentary e-book which explains all about the importance the lymph system plays in tattoo removal,” Kylie said.

Clients receive a massage under an LED light therapy mask before their treatment.

With the growing popularity of tattoo removal services, it’s logical to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible. Kylie says most people remove their tattoos because they want to get a new one or their career has taken off in a sector where they aren’t as acceptable. However, sometimes people are removing tattoos like an ex-partners name, which can be a sensitive and touchy experience. This is where Next Level Tattoo Clinic stands out from the others.

“We have put an exceptional amount of care and consideration into the client experience touchpoints. With the industry booming and about to experience huge growth, we decided to enter the market with a service as ‘pain-free’ as possible and to make the process as enjoyable as possible,” she finishes.


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