Could ‘Lip Blushing’ Tattooing Be The New Filler Alternative For A Fuller Pout?

Two Sydney-based cosmetic tattooing experts weigh in.

Lip blushing is the cosmetic tattooing technique that’s been trending on TikTok thanks to its ability to shade and line the lips with semi-permanent colour. Considering lip blushing can be used to perfect the shape of the pout, could it be possible this treatment might become an alternative for lip fillers?

SPA+CLINIC consulted two of Sydney’s leading lip blushing experts to find out.

First things first, what is lip blushing?

“Lip blushing is a form of semi-permanent make up; it gives the appearance of a symmetrical lip line and a natural stain to enhance the lips. It can also define and balance out the lip line too,” says Royals Clinic Australia Founder, Fay Rezaei.

How lip blushing is performed

Think of the procedure like eyebrow micro-blading – but for the lips. “Lip blushing is performed with a cosmetic tattoo machine – very similar and looks identical to a traditional body tattoo machine but made specifically for more delicate areas of the body,” says No Filter Beauty Master Artist and Educator, Toni Brady.

To achieve the colour shading of the desired area, “the method is done by depositing cosmetic pigment into the lip,” explains Rezaei.

Lip blushing vs lip filler

To determine where pigment should be deposited during lip blushing, the contours of each individual’s pout need to be considered on a case-by-case basis. “The lips are measured accordingly to the natural shape of the lip line. In some cases, we can add minor tweaks and enhance the lip line to create definitions and symmetry,” adds Rezaei.

Lip filler, on the other hand, involves the injection of dermal filler products (such as hyaluronic acid) to increase the actual volume of the lips.

Could lip blushing be used as an alternative to lip filler?

Well, the answer to this question comes down to the type of result your client is wanting to achieve. While lip blushing can be a useful tool to correct asymmetry and cut down on makeup application time, it offers quite different outcomes to lip filler.

“We wouldn’t recommend using lip blushing as an alternative to lip filler. Lip blushing defines the lip shape and enhances the lip colour which can provide an illusion of a fuller lip but lip fillers will actually create volume and plump the lips. However, if you would like to improve the lip shape we would recommend lip blushing,” says Rezaei.

With all that in mind, the two treatments can complement each other nicely.

“A lot of individuals lose natural pigment in their lips over time, especially around the borders. This can make the lips appear smaller than what they naturally are. By skilfully adding colour to cover the whole surface area of the lips, the lips appear fuller and many find little need for filler after. If you’re wishing to add physical volume/size/decrease lines and creases, filler is advised for best results. Many of our clients have existing filler or receive filler after their blush has healed and the result is truly beautiful,” says Brady.

A final word on maintenance

While lip blushing is an excellent solution for those wanting to streamline their morning makeup routines, it’s important to note that – like any other cosmetic tattoo – it does require some ongoing maintenance.

“Maintenance is similar to brow tattooing – we recommend a yearly touch-up to maintain the colour otherwise you can let them fade gradually on their own,” says Brady.

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