Brow Tips for Cosmetic Physicians

Brows have become a focus of aesthetics, with more people realising they not only provide a frame (for better or worse) for the eyes, but impact on the whole face.

And it’s notjust about plucking, waxing, trimming and tinting et al – many people are having anti-wrinkle injections and/or dermal fillers to subtly lift and reshape the brow arch and in the process take years off their appearance (performed adeptly, of course).

But if a brow artist and doctor/nurse injector are inadvertently working against each other, the client/patient will be brow beaten.

“I always ensure that my clients are talking with their cosmetic physician to ensure we are all on the same page,” says leading brow artist Jazz Pampling.

Jazz Pampling
Jazz Pampling

“If I work to lower a brow arch and the physician is trying to lift it, neither individual will ultimately create the client’s ideal facial appearance.

“I prefer to shape a client’s brow before they see their physician. This allows the physician to see all that I can do with the brow, so from there they can help to correct anything the clients wants, such as a lifted tail.

“My clients often time their appointments between their physician and myself to coincide.

“I would recommend that doctors or nurses offering these services suggest to their patients that they also see an artist who understands how the face ages, which is very important.

“Many brow artists believe the key to helping create a youthful appearance for a client is to arch the brow as high as possible. Few brow artists are aware that this ultimately ages the face.”

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