20 Tips For 5 Star Service

In this modern era filled with artificial intelligence and automated technology, where we pay for our shopping at a screen or submit our business enquiries via email or Instagram message, customer service has never been more important. With daily customer service interactions on the decline, the ones that do require face to face contact can often mean so much more, be remembered for longer, and can set you up with clients for life.

Particularly in spas, salons and clinics, there are countless opportunities in which you can either flourish or fail at those small customer service details, from how a client is treated when they enter and how they’re spoken to during their treatment, to how they are sold their aftercare products and their experience during follow up.

So whether you’re treating clients or at reception greeting them, here are 20 quick service tips that will ensure your clients never want to go anywhere else!

  1. Always provide service with a smile. This is sales rule #1 for a good reason!
  2. Introduce yourself. Clients will feel more comfortable knowing their therapist or practitioner’s name.
  3. Ask your clients if they have any questions or concerns and encourage open, two-way communication. 
  4. Don’t be pushy when recommending product or skincare. Even if you’re super passionate about what you’re selling, it’s a big commitment for most clients to switch up their normal routine, and often a large investment financially too.
  5. By the same token, don’t be pushy when it comes to social media or feedback requests. Friendly, non-obligatory requests are key to ensure clients don’t feel forced or overwhelmed.
  6. When selling product, most commonly used is the ‘benefit sandwich’ technique: list a benefit, then the price, then another benefit.
  7. Give samples. If you’re confident that what you’re providing gives real results, samples are often the only way to convince the modern-day savvy, skeptical clients, who will want to see for themselves before committing.
  8. Be prepared for any and all questions about the product or service you’re recommending. Sounding or unsure or self-doubting is almost guaranteed to drive clients away.
  9. Be confident in what you’re prescribing. If you’re not, how can you expect your clients to be?
  10. Send follow-ups to new clients, or those receiving larger treatments that are more costly or require downtime. Ensuring your clients feel taken care of shouldn’t end after they’ve left your spa or clinic.
  11. Keep an email folder with the framework/scaffold for follow up emails to allow for quicker and more efficient processes, and send them within 24 hours of the completion of their service.
  12. Include tips, aftercare advice and product recommendations in your follow-up. Depending on the service, there can be a lot of information for the client to take in in person, so it’s nice for them to have it all in writing for them to refer back to later.
  13. Address clients by their names wherever possible.
  14. Send appointment reminders via text or email. Your clients are busy and will always appreciate the prompt to confirm or reschedule if need be.
  15. Make personal notes in your clients’ files so you can refer back to them during future appointments and make reference to them, such as holidays, birthdays, events, etc. This will make your clients feel special, valued and cared-for – just what every client wants.
  16. Address clients quickly. This applies to when they walk through the door, when they call or email with a question, of when they share a complaint. Every client should feel like they come first. A speedy response time can sometimes turn around an unhappy client, so even if you don’t have a solution right away, respond immediately to let them know you are seeking one and will get back to them as soon as you can.
  17. Give personalised plans – if you’re recommending products and/or services, write them down on a card with your client’s name, and specific details of what you’re recommending.
  18. If you know that a client often requests the same beverage on each visit, note it down in their file and have it ready for them on arrival.
  19. Avoid saying no. Be positive and seek a solution. “I can offer this instead” is much more appealing to a client than “I can’t, sorry”.
  20. Most of all, be attentive and aware of your client and their needs. Check in with them regularly, ask them questions, ensure they’re comfortable, pay attention to their tone and body language, and go above and beyond to provide the most enjoyable experience you possibly can!