4 DIY Tips For Free Publicity

We know that as a small business, you’re constantly searching for any tips and tricks that may help market your business and increase your exposure. Media coverage is likely one of these things that you’d love to achieve but just feels unattainable. Perhaps you’ve considered a PR agency before but never had the budget or resources to commit. If this is the case, you’ll be happy to know that there are some relatively simple ways that you can PR your own spa or clinic, and all it will cost you is time!

The bread and butter of any PR agency is obtaining media coverage for clients, whether they’re on a small one-off project budget or a large retainer, but this is actually something you can absolutely work towards on your own. Sure, you may not have agency-level relationships or contact lists to make it happen on quite the same level, but beginning to build these yourself is a fantastic way to start making a name for yourself in the industry, building up your brand, spreading word of mouth and increasing your search engine rankings all at once. In fact, a lot of the time, media coverage can simply be put down to great relationships with the right people. Not to mention the great sense of satisfaction you’ll receive from achieving results independently!

There are a few things to keep in mind when pitching for media coverage, and unfortunately, blasting out generalised information about your business to everyone just won’t provide results. Here are our top 4 targeted media pitching strategies to get you started:

Events To Local News
If you’re hosting any one-off events or even running any special offers based around public holidays, reach out to your local newspaper, as these will often report on what’s happening with local businesses. For example, many local papers will run features on Mother’s Day offers in the area, so if you have a Mother’s Day special, send the Editor an email with the details. It’s important to research what your paper has published previously, to ensure what you’re sending is in line with their offerings.

Pitch For Interviews
If your spa or clinic specialises in a certain treatment or sector of the industry, if you have special skills or qualifications that aren’t too common or if you just genuinely have something unique to say, pitch yourself for interviews. Position yourself as an expert on your topic, and reach out to media outlets (via email) that may find that subject suitable for a feature. Be sure to come up with a few different angles for Editors to consider. If you register for an industry site like Beauty Directory, you’ll find a media contact database with all the relevant publications and contacts you’ll need to get the ball rolling. Again, research is key to finding out whether your topic might be a good fit for whatever publication you plan on reaching out to.

Write A Blog
Another great strategy for positioning yourself as an industry expert, this strategy is much more passive, and will come in handy once you have established a few media relationships, as well as aid in your search engine rankings. Media are constantly researching what’s new in their field, and looking for expert commentary to support the pieces they’re working on. If you regularly publish articles with interesting or newsworthy topics or quotes, there’s a good chance the right editor may stumble across it and contact you for further comment.

Inviting key media contacts is a fantastic relationship-building strategy, even if you don’t get immediate coverage as a result. Craft a beautiful e-invite offering a visit and complimentary treatment, and send it out to Editors at publications you would love to establish contact with. Make it special, as Editors receive these by the dozen! Remember to make them feel like guests of honour, greet them personally upon their arrival, take the time to speak with them even if you aren’t performing the treatment yourself, and send them off personally once they’re done. Make their experience as unforgettable as possible – creating and nurturing this relationship can go a long way in ensuring they keep your spa or clinic in mind for any relevant articles they work on in the future.