From Therapist At 16 To Clinic Owner

Sometimes for therapists, starting their own business is a dream from the beginning. For others, it’s a journey that develops along the way. As we know, one of the best ways to learn is to hear stories and experiences from others, so we decided to chat to Kate from Cove Medispa in WA. Kate started her beauty journey incredibly young and, after several role changes, now operates a successful aesthetics clinic – and she is thrilled to be celebrating its first birthday this week.

Tell us about your journey as a practitioner
I started with my beauty diploma in 2009, went straight into working full time in a salon and within 6 months was the manager – at 16. I felt I still had so much room for development, having found my passion for results driven skin treatments, I went onto studying dermal therapy and this was absolutely my niche! I loved working with higher strengths and more active treatments- finding amazing results and understanding the skin on a dermal layer and how to correct – I LOVE!

While working in a skin-based clinic I was asked to be the clinic educator so I decided to do my TAE (training and education certificate) to better myself in this role. My trainer from TAE recommended me to someone within the beauty department and reached out to see if I was interested in training in beauty therapy! I was 20 years old at this point and jumped at the opportunity!

I trained for 5 years in different aspects of the aesthetic industry, my favourite units of course were in skin and dermal treatments. I have always loved the knowledge and education side of the industry and being able to pass on that knowledge and practical skills to the next generation of beauty/ dermal therapists. I missed being able to deliver my own results and have that interaction with clients though.

I felt that opening my own clinic was inevitable for me, my parents have always run a business and shown me that while the required dedication and hard work may be challenging, you can create the environment you want to work in. Knowing exactly what direction I would take my clinic in; focusing on skincare with results, educating our clients and consistently progressing as therapists to be able to provide clients with cutting edge techniques. Now Cove is 1 year old and I couldn’t be happier with its progression.

How did you decide which treatments to offer and which to avoid?
About 12 months prior to opening the clinic I had decided on my product ranges and designed treatments around their benefits. My final decision on what treatments to perform was in the proof of results and education backing these modalities – something to suit all concerns and how to approach them from all angles.

Treatments I avoided were those that I thought could have a more effective, less invasive alternative. Some treatments look appealing on social media, but the feedback and reviews aren’t able to hold the treatment accountable.

Things in the aesthetic industry change and progress all the time so we are consistently adding in new equipment and treatments to ensure we are providing the best and safest treatments for our clients.

How did you select which brands to stock?
Having worked in the industry for over 10 years now, I have worked with many skincare ranges as well as delivered education in product knowledge/ ingredients, so truly know what really is the best! Focussing on ingredients and how they are stabilised in the product to deliver effectively into the skin, products with the most results driven outcomes.

We are lucky enough to have so many options out there to pick and choose the best of the bunch, most of our cosmeceutical skin care is from AST (Advanced Skin Technology) cosmedix, cosmedix elite, PCA, Societe & Aspect Dr. They provide outstanding support and education, and with this being my main philosophy (to focus on education and knowledge of the products), it was a perfect fit! Since opening we have just expanded our range of their products our clients love them.

What is your current favourite treatment to offer and why?
Right now, AquaGold! To be able to customise a cocktail of mesotherapy to deliver safely into the dermis with added benefits of Micro Needling, having minimal down time, resulting in a flawless ‘filter fresh face – my team and our clients love it!

What has been your biggest challenge so far?
Owning a business can be overwhelming! The business vs personal line gets blurred. When you are so passionate and involved in a business, I don’t think it’s easy to ‘switch off’. Trying to focus on keeping the balance has been my biggest challenge! I have since learned taking a ‘day off’ to be out of the clinic is critical to avoid burning out and to be more productive in the long run.

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