Combat Hayfever With These Spa Treatments

While the majority of your clients (and likely your team too) will be celebrating the arrival of spring, there are plenty that dread these few months ahead, as the warmth, sunshine and turning leaves also bring with them an onset of sniffles, sneezing, headaches, itchiness and overall sinus irritation.

Hayfever can be severe and unbearable for some sufferers, who may not be aware that there are several spa treatments available that can alleviate these uncomfortable symptoms. So as we kick off the new season, why not share your top hayfever-ridding treatments with your clients? Write a blog post, run a special or campaign, or share the benefits via your social media. These could include:

Steam saunas can be used to clear the nasal passages of pollens and other irritants. A 2013 study has even demonstrated the positive effect of sauna use on hayfever sufferers.

Salt Therapy
Salt Rooms are known to relieve hayfever and allergy symptoms, as salt reduces the inflammation that causes discomfort around the nasal passages, as well as aiding in the removal of mucus.  

Ear Candling
It’s common for sinus blockages to be coupled with ear discomfort, and while the scientific evidence around the success of ear candling is still not concrete, the treatment is known to provide relief to many recipients with ear blockages and wax build up, which can then extend to relief of sinus pressure, particularly when combined with a face and scalp massage.

A firm facial massage will feel divine for the client, soothe itchiness, and drain away sinus blockages – plus allergens along with them. An oil or cream massage will also provide some much-needed moisture around delicate nasal skin that may be rubbed raw by tissues.

The same can be said for facials, incorporating massage and lymphatic drainage, boosts of hydration for dry skin, and a facial steam all in one. Consider incorporating aromatherapy into your facial with sinus-clearing oils such as eucalyptus, sandalwood or geranium.

A relatively new use of Botox, when combined with saline nasal spray, it can provide hayfever relief for up to 3 months.

While some essential oils can aid in the treatment of hayfever symptoms, be mindful that strong perfumes and artificial fragrances can trigger allergy responses in plenty of clients, particularly around this sensitive time of year. Perhaps now would be a good time to review the type and strength of fragrance currently in use throughout your treatment rooms.