Synthesis – the Heart of Organics

Synthesis is a certified organic, vegan, Australian made, energy imbued skincare that combines meditative practices, energy balancing tools and holistic treatments.

Bringing together the restorative benefits of nature, universal healing influences and the unique capacities, talents and creative inspiration of the many remarkable individuals who have lent their passion and expertise to this pioneering brand, Synthesis Organics are proud to be launching in Australia.

Each drop of every product combines a multitude of actives to ignite the radiance of true healthy beauty. Guided by ancient wisdom, and the passion to be a healing presence in this world, Synthesis has drawn forth the purest and most potent of essences, energies and extracts – plus gifts from earth, ocean and beyond.

Synthesis, imbued with the eternal qualities of Light, Love, Beauty, Spirit, has aspired to nurture and embrace your clients with the pure energy of life itself.

Treatment rituals and five key product lines merge energetic and physical disciplines to magically transform wellbeing and skin.

Synthesis has been created for the world’s best spas, destination hotels, healing retreats and wellbeing centres.


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