The Power of Relationships

Just a little story how the world turns. A hundred million years ago (okay, let’s set 1990 as a benchmark) I had The Worst pigmentation ever.

I realise this is a First World problem, but it had a devastating effect on me at the time. Big, black patches on my forehead, cheeks and chin.

It was not a recognised condition at the time and I had many unhappy and expensive encounters at department stores.

One random day I saw a naturopath about unrelated matters. She gave me excellent advice but, almost in passing, I mentioned how distressed I was about these black marks.

She said equally randomly in passing: “I know this GP who has a light treatment who can can help this”.

Story short: I went to this doctor, then in a general practice at Edgecliff in Sydney, Dr Liz Griffin.

I had these mysterious “light treatments”, overseen by her practice manager, Fran.

They bloody well worked! Over a month or two, I saw these hideous black patches disappearing and dewy, healthy skin replacing them.

To this day I couldn’t tell you what the tech was. I guess the frontrunner IPL technology. But it was bloody excellent and started me on my current career path; to discover solutions.

But the point of this story is Frances Macpherson. A gorgeous, engaging woman. We became friends over appointments, and remain so to this day.

Back during those appointments in 1990, one day she said to me: “What do you think of Elle?”. (I was a writer for Woman’s Day at the time, later for Women’s Weekly, and had interviewed the model then and since.)

Frances Macpherson

I can’t remember what I said but she replied: “I’m Elle’s mother”. It was totally matter of fact.

For me it was all a bit “WTF” because I don’t rate people according to whose parent, child, sibling or friend they are.

That was the last time it was ever discussed.

The great thing is that we now (many years later) are still friends and share a fabulous mutual friend, Kerry.

How aesthetics treatments can forge life-long friendships!

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