Waterlily Pink Champagne Sugar Smoother Ritual

Waterlily’s Spring/Summer 2016 Pink Champagne Sugar Smoother has been created to deliver the ultimate in luxury spa ritual with a core focus on advanced performance and ethical sustainability.

A professional facial treatment tailored for all skin types, the Waterlily Pink Champagne Sugar Smoother is a skin smoothing spa ritual which exfoliates, actively hydrates, firms, tones and brightens while purifying and refining the skin for the warmer months.

Inspired by vino extracts infused into sugared vanilla and replenishing cold pressed oil, the body exfoliation is designed to revitalise, tone and replenish leaving skin silky smooth and deeply hydrated.

The sensory ritual begins with a mouth-watering vanilla infused cane sugar exfoliation massage, layered in omega oils, organic cocoa butter and vitamin E to smooth and refine skin.

Freeze dried strawberry and pink shiraz grape is blended with aromaceutical essential oils leaving skin refreshed, revitalised and revived. Finish with a luxurious botanical effleurage hydration massage, layered with exotic crushed fruits which brighten and hydrate skin.


Vanilla Infused Organic Cane Sugar – a naturally hydrating mechanical exfoliant used to buff away dead skin cells which is rich in natural glycolic acid used to dissolved dead skin.

Shiraz Wine Concentrate – contains proanthocyanidins and resveratrol which are both powerful antioxidants rich in Vitamin E to soften and moisturise skin and used to protect again ultraviolet radiation and sunburn.

Strawberry Concentrate – rich in salicylic acid to cleanse, exfoliate and brighten skin tone, rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants to protect from ageing whilst boosting collagen production to strengthen and tone skin.

Waterlilly Pink Champagne Poster_FA olOrganic Coca Butter – rich source of Vitamin E used to moisturise, replenish and condition skin. Soothes inflammation in acute and chronic skin conditions improving skin elasticity and firmness.

Vitamin E – a potent antioxidant used to fight free radical damage whilst boosting hydration and reducing inflammation, protecting and repairing against UVA and UVB damage.

Cold Pressed Plant Oils – rich in enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals oils are hydrating, emollient and deeply moisturising. Used to soothe inflammation while balancing oil, skin firming and toning.


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