Pot of Gold

The Beauty Chef’s latest creation, this time for outer beauty, landed on the desk the other day, and it’s a little pot of gold.

Beauty Fix Balm is a pocket rocket all-rounder. I was given five fabulous handy hints for use (below) but in the three days I have had it, I’ve used Beauty Fix to condition and tame mad scientist eyebrows, nourish brittle nails and cracked cuticles, and smooth and plump flaky lips. All without feeling like I’ve ingested a jar of Vaseline petroleum jelly. I’m hooked.

Here are The Beauty Chef’s tips for use:

Smooth fine lines

Fermented coconut extract contains amino acids from legumes and seeds that alongside camellia seed and rosehip oils and cocoa butter help to nourish and protect the skin while giving the appearance of a smoother complexion. Gentle enough to be used under and around the eyes massage a little over your entire face, neck and décolletage and you’ll see fine lines and wrinkles instantly soften.

A dewy glow

Finding the balance between “dewy” and “oily” is almost impossible, but the unique blend of oils, butters and waxes, all work synergistically to give skin a healthy sheen minus the oil slick.

An intensive treatment

If skin is looking a dull or dry, use Beauty Fix Balm as a concentrated treatment. Cleanse the face and apply a layer of balm before bed. In the morning, skin will look nourished and revitalised.

Skin healer

The balm’s healing, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties come from both coconut oil and The Beauty Chef’s unique coconut extract, super-charged through fermentation. It can be used anywhere, including on hands, elbows, arms or legs, morning and night.

Mani-pedi helper

The skin on hands is far more susceptible than on other parts of the body (and equally is the biggest giveaway of a person’s age) to damage and loss of lipids because of the constant washing and hard work they carry out daily. The balm makes a wonderful intensive hand moisturiser and nail strengthener and nourisher. Keep a pot handy and apply a couple of times throughout the day.


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