KLAPP Kiwicha Collection

Kiwicha is based on the gold of the Incas — in a newly discovered form.

Amaranthus caudatus, once staple of the Incas, is called kiwicha (pronounced: key-wee-cha) in the Andean Incan language. It was seen as holy, valued as a sacrifice to the sun-god and the epitome of grace and beauty.

KLAPP’s Kiwicha collection has been developed for sensitive skin, skin lacking moisture to dry and mature skin.

Klapp Kiwicha STORYThe skincare range consists of: Cleansing Cream, Day Cream, Eye Contour Cream, Inca Gold Elixir, Night Cream, Tonic Water and Inca Treasure professional treatment.

KLAPP’s natural, plant-based, dermatologically tested formula is gluten-free and free of PEGs, mineral and silicone oils, synthetic fragrances, animal extracts and colorants. Free of animal extracts.


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