Complete the Client Experience with Makeup

Liz Wiggers explains why retailing makeup is vital for your business.

Put simply, it is essential for salons, spas and clinics to retail makeup to complete the client experience. Offering an end-to-end solution for clients enables you to not only provide a premium experience but add on to your current offering with the result being an increase in revenue.

Keys to Success
The keys to success are product education, knowledge and training. Makeup application can be perfect for clients who have had micro-dermabrasion, laser treatments or have scarring they are hoping to camouflage, and you don’t need to be a trained makeup artist to demonstrate application techniques.

Your chosen makeup brand’s sales and training team are also vital to your success. Trainers, who have deep product knowledge and retail expertise, can educate your staff on product application and use, as well as provide retail sales techniques.

Makeover Success STORYOffer Solutions
Retailing makeup can offer clients the complete package. Being able to offer a premium, high quality range of makeup products alongside professional treatments ensures they leave looking their best, but also with the potential to create repeat business.

Using professional makeup on your clients gives you the point of difference and enhances the in-salon experience. This ultimately gives your clients another reason to come back to your business for new treatments and beauty services.

Convert Clients
Salons, spas and clinics should offer clients a truly unique and exclusive professional brand that has products for each customer’s unique requirements. It is essential to create a menu of in-salon makeup services, including group or one-on-one makeup training sessions to encourage clients to try the product range – it’s important for clients to immediately see the difference professional products deliver.

You also need to build genuine relationships with clients. As a trusted source, you and your team of therapists have the ability to leverage their ‘expert’ opinion and recommendations.

Range Selection
Look for a high-quality range of makeup that compliments your existing offering. There are a lot of brands out there using inferior materials and ingredients to create their products, so really look into where and what each product is made from.

Many brands also jump on the ‘Cruelty Free’, ‘Mineral’ and ‘Organic’ band-wagons without understanding the real source of their makeup — many are private label brands sourcing products from other manufacturers and semi manufacturers.

Liz Wiggers - KryolanSo ask the right questions and ensure the brands you are looking to stock can backup with their claims.

Liz Wiggers is Sales & Training Executive at Kryolan Australia

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