Resources You Should Be Giving Your Clients

How many of your client complaints can be put down to a simple case of miscommunication? Or worse, because they simply didn’t listen to their therapist or practitioner’s advice? Clear communication between therapist and client is imperative not only to guarantee the best results for the client, but to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

The more information you can give your clients both prior to and after their treatment or procedure, the better. Remember, they’re human too, and we all forget things sometimes. The most sure-fire way to ensure flawless communication and high satisfaction levels is to have the correct resources on hand. As they say, knowledge is power, and this goes for you AND your clients! Here are some resources we recommend giving all clients throughout their treatment process – from the time of booking, to the time they walk out the door:

Pre AND Post Care
Throughout many clinics, before-treatment care often gets lost, particularly for treatments like laser and injectables. Do your clients know that they can’t fake tan 2 weeks before their laser appointment, or to avoid alcohol and ibuprofen before injections? Pre-treatment care is just as important as aftercare and mustn’t be neglected. Even if discussed over the phone prior, we would always recommend sending these tips prior to treatment via email. This way, they not only do clients have it on hand to refer back to if they forget, but you also have dated evidence that the correct care was provided in the event of an adverse reaction. The same applies to aftercare for first-time clients – always provide written instructions that they can hold on to for future reference.

New Clients – What To Expect
It’s always a good idea to send new clients information on what to expect when visiting your facilities for the first time. Often there are extensive amounts of new client information to complete, particularly for more invasive treatments or where medical information is required. If you’d like everything to run on time, it’s a good idea to send out the standard ‘please arrive 15 minutes early to your appointment’ request. A few extra nice touches might include parking information, and info on any complimentary goodies they will receive on arrival like snacks or beverages.

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Skincare That Doesn’t Mix
Not all of your clients will take home your recommended skincare regimes, so it’s important that they are aware of any active ingredients they plan to incorporate at home, and whether these can mix with their current ones. Be sure to provide them with a take-home list or infographic on ingredients that match, ones that don’t, and best time to use them.

Opportunity For Feedback
Your new clients will appreciate the chance to offer comments on their service, so send them an email welcoming their honest feedback. Include links to your Facebook and Google review platforms in the hope that they have something positive they want to share with the world!

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