Reverse The Years


Over the course of time, the skin’s natural defence mechanisms are weakened and the process of cell renewal slows.

Babor’s Research and Development Centre in Germany has created an exclusive precision formula exclusively for ReVersive: The Re-Youth Complex.

It contains four high-performance active plant-based stem cell ingredients that work together in perfect synergy: Telovitin, to keep cells younger for longer; Agicyl to activates defences against skin ageing; Lumicol to  create luminosity and radiance; and Epocyl: for an instantly visible smoothing effect.

With the protective effect of these and the power of active marine ingredients, Babor has created the key to reactivate and maintain the beauty of the skin.

The range comprises ReVersive anti-aging dual serum (pictured), Anti-Aging Cream , Anti-Aging Cream Rich and Anti-Aging Eye Cream.




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