The Milk of Skin Kindness

Those with tight skin, or creme cleanser cronies can now rejoice in the Micellar water trend too! Micellar milk has arrived in a formula from Payot containing raspberry extract.

Just like the iconic skincare brand Payot, micellar water originated in France. Deriving its name from micelle oil, molecules latch on,  gently removing dirt and makeup on the skin.

Lait Millecellaire Demaquillant, the cleansing milk from Payot, mixes these miracle molecules in a rich, comforting milk, making for a wonderfully moisturising makeup remover.

Raspberry extract contains nutrients, minerals and antioxidants vital to the skins health. They are renowned for their regenerating properties, and when teamed with hyaluronic acid, fight against skin ageing.

Apply with a cotton pad or directly to the face and neck, then gently massage with fingertips. Remove with facial cotton, or warm water.