New Year, No Worries, No Stress

The New Year has begun and already stress seems to be along for the ride, Leanne Davis discusses how yoga and meditation can help.

Stop for a moment and take a long slow breath out. Feel better? Repeat 2 or 3 times and then just allow your breathing to flow gently and slowly to quieten your nervous system.

Enjoy being in the present moment.

Much of our worry comes from projecting the mind forward, going over the past or thinking that somehow things should be different to how they actually are in this moment.

The above two techniques may form the basis of a simple 10 minute meditation each day. Just allow the mind to focus on your breath or observing your present moment and let the mind rest from other thoughts for a while.

Why do we need to deal with stress?

Stress is the root of most of our health problems. This occurs due to the body producing “fight or flight” hormones when it feels we are under threat or pressure. These hormones are useful in an acute situation but if they are being produced as the “normal” state of the body, our overall health deteriorates.

When the body is in this hyper vigilant state our heart rate increases, breathing becomes more rapid, we are unable to relax and think things through clearly as the blood supply is taken away from our vital organs and into the extremities.

You can imagine that over a period of time the whole system becomes overworked and depleted, leading to lowered immunity, fatigue, insomnia and a reduced enjoyment of our lives.

Less stress STORYHow can a regular yoga/meditation practice help?

Yoga IS mediation, they are one and the same.

Yoga is to bring the mind to a calm state of focus and rest from; allowing you to notice a natural state of inner bliss and clarity.

The practice of yoga postures is one way to focus the mind whilst stretching and strengthening the body. We may also come to this state of yoga through practicing techniques to lengthen our breath or visualisation.

During the practice of yoga your body becomes steady and comfortable, your breathe slows and the mind quietens. The brain perceives this as a relaxed state and produces hormones that are conducive to the nourishment and rejuvenation of our whole system.

Learn the Yoga technique of Savasana

Again 10 minutes a day will bring great benefit to your wellbeing.

Lay on the back with feet comfortably apart and arms relaxed out from the side.

leanne davis head shotLet your whole body rest into the floor, slow your breathing and take time to mentally scan through your body and allow each part to relax and let go completely of any tension.

Leanne Davis is President of Yoga Australia,

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