The Dead Sea is AHAVA’s home at the bottom of the world. It’s a strikingly beautiful and peaceful place – a geological wonder filled with the kind of contrasts that only Mother Nature could create. It’s mysterious; an oasis in the middle of the wilderness, a unique salty lake and muddy shoreline that holds:

  • The Earth’s greatest concentration of skin-moisturising minerals
  • Sea water filled with a one-of-a-kind, age-delaying algae
  • Skin-soothing plants that grow in the dryest desert conditions.

In 1988, clinical research began into the powerful effects of its rich selection of minerals in facilitating skin renewal, and AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories were formed. The exploration hasn’t stopped of the richness of these natural skin-replenishing treasures and optimising them with scientific precision in bringing the finest nature-inspired Dead Sea face and body care products to market.

Over the years, AHAVA has cultivated a unique brand identity that is synonymous with the richness, purity and natural goodness that define this mineral rich basin. Through their ongoing efforts, they have earned the reputation as the definitive Dead Sea cosmetic brand.



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