Aesthetics Bookshelf: Leaders of the Pack

SPA+CLINIC unveil the beauty tomes your bookshelf can’t be without.

Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes

This is no ordinary beauty book. Covering everything from teenage skin to that milestone 80th birthday, filler to no-filler, celebration to grief, Sali Hughes, leading British journalist and broadcaster, shows real women how to make the most of the physically and emotionally transformative powers of makeup in a volume that is part instruction manual, part love letter to makeup — whilst employing a writing style that combines beauty editor, feminist and painfully funny best friend.

Pretty Honest STORYWith over 15 years’ experience, Sali draws on her experience as a makeup artist to George Michael, The Pet Shop Boys and Belinda Carlisle, and instantly gets to the honest truth of daily beauty with topics such as ‘How to manage beauty counter staff’; ‘How to look good in a photograph’; ‘Salon etiquette’; and ‘Makeup for the morning after.”

Boundless Beauty by Hubert d’Ornano

In his book Boundless Beauty, Sisley-founder Hubert d’Ornano tells the remarkable and original story of his long family history in the global cosmetic industry — describing his entrepreneurial passion, his attachment to his family and to nature, and his curiosity about the world he travelled while expanding his business. Boundless Beauty reveals how the cosmetics business has always been in Hubert’s blood, culminating in 1976 with the founding of Sisley together with his wife Isabelle d’Ornano.

Mise en page 1

Historical figures come to life on the pages of this memoir such as John Fitzgerald Kennedy and former French presidents Georges Pompidou and Valéry Giscard d’Estaing. The story is told with passion, emotion and sincerity, and bound to be enjoyed by those who love Sisley and share an interested in the history of the modern beauty industry.

The Healthy Skin Diet by Karen Fischer

Nutritionist Karen Fischer understands the havoc day-to-day life and environment can inflict on the skin. The Healthy Skin Diet offers an easy-to-follow, comprehensive eight-week program featuring planned daily menus; a three-day detox plan; delicious, simple, healthy, alkalising recipes; and chapters dedicated to the treatment of specific skin disorders from cellulite to acne.

Healthy Skin STORYThe Healthy Skin Diet is designed to supply your body with the ability to make gorgeous skin — working from the inside out! “Beautiful skin is not something exclusively reserved for the genetically blessed. Everyone can have great healthy, clear and blemish-free skin,” says Karen. “With its eight basic guidelines, The Healthy Skin Diet takes the guesswork out of creating beautiful skin. This book is the key not only to beautiful skin but to feeling wonderful too!”

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