Toxic Staff? Recruit Your Dream Team

Ever-more sophisticated courses offered by dermal therapy and beauty colleges are helping graduates find jobs that never previously existed in the rapidly expanding cosmedical and advanced aesthetics arena.

In turn, this is helping salons, spas and clinics find team members who are not only a perfect fit for the roles required in terms of training and qualifications, but are work-ready.

As an owner and/or manager, you would well know how time-consuming it is to bring a new recruit up to speed on the job. It requires you either to take time out from your own duties or co-opt the time of another staff member, all of which comes at a cost to the business. And you may eventually find that the recruit isn’t up to the job after all.

“In view of the pending education requisites and to satisfy medico legal requirements, it makes perfect sense to hire clinical staff who are already trained and hold formal qualifications in the aesthetics profession,” says Linda Sim, CEO of the Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science (AACDS).

AACDS has been delivering a range of nationally qualifications in dermal science and cosmetic nursing since 2004.

It’s Australia’s largest and longest-established vocational college dedicated purely to advanced aesthetics education and offers the only formal nationally-recognised qualification in cosmetic nursing.

These qualifications contain a sound balance of theory and practical units covering epidermal resurfacing and light-based techniques, cosmetic dermatology and anti-ageing medicine.

“Therefore, AACDS is pleased to announce the launch of its new, updated recruitment site, which provides a free recruitment service to all cosmetic clinics in Australia,” says Linda.

“The site is very-user friendly, allowing employers to easily post a job advert.”

Jobs posted on the AACDS recruitment site are only accessible to AACDS graduates, so employers are assured only applicants who hold either an Advanced Diploma of Cosmetic Dermal Science, Graduate Diploma of Dermal Therapies or Graduate Diploma of Cosmetic Nursing can apply.

A unique aspect of all AACDS courses is their practical training in dermal therapies delivered with only two students per trainer/assessor within state-of-the-art student clinic facilities. This student/trainer ratio allows students to have exclusivity to aesthetic equipment as opposed to sharing and/or just observing.

Dr Charl du Plessis from Perth’s Pier Street Cosmetics, reports: “We’ve been impressed with the quality of AACDS Graduates. “Their underpinning knowledge and skills means that the amount of in-office training is significantly reduced.”

AACDS courses are delivered online with practical training units delivered in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Perth. On-campus theory classes are also available in Perth and the Gold Coast.



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