Dress Your Staff For Success

Your salon, spa or clinic is part of an industry where clients, existing and potential, will genuinely judge your book by its cover.

After all, the aesthetics industry is all about helping people look and feel their best. So if your premises don’t look the part, it puts you immediately on the back foot, however excellent the services you provide may be.

noel-asmar-leadEven more importantly, how you and your staff present yourselves is key. And the key to this – apart from great personal grooming – is stylish yet comfortable uniforms that look every inch the part you are playing.

Noel Asmar

Whether you are advising on products and treatments for good skin, giving relaxing or therapeutic massages, performing body treatments that help tone and refine the bumpiest of cellulite, hair removal procedures that leave skin smooth and silky, or applying make up to women that accentuates their best features and downplays the not so flattering, appearances count ‘ yours, that is!

In a beauty salon, dermal clinic, spa or medi-spa, clients expect a clinical edge of professionalism – allowing therapists to wear their own clothes doesn’t create this impression and nor does it create a sense of cohesiveness for the business.

It is worth not only investing in uniforms but well designed, good quality uniforms.

If your therapists are getting about in gear that is unflattering to the figure, uncomfortable to wear while they’re working, look shabby, faded or are literally coming apart at the seams after a few washes, or are easily stained or creased, it defeats the purpose of the exercise.

And as therapists working extremely closely inside clients’ personal space, fabric that does not stand up to perspiration (thus contributing to body odour) can be a major issue.

Apart from anything else, why can’t uniforms look really good – almost like a fashion item, not just boxy tunics or shapeless smocks?

Indeed, this dilemma is what prompted Canadian designer Noel Asmar to create a range of ‘made for the way you move’ uniforms so stylish that they could easily pass for fashion street wear.

NA7-GROUP‘In 2002 I was visiting my sister – an aesthetician, pregnant at the time – and she couldn’t find a stylish yet functional uniform that made her feel good,’ Noel says.

‘It was impossible to find something that was fashionable yet practical and flattering while she worked (let alone withstand the punishment of oils, liquids, repeated laundering).

‘I made the first spa uniform for her and she loved how it made her look and feel. So then I became curious ‘

‘I discovered spa professionals were wearing boxy, stiff medical smocks and lab coats because there was no such thing as a `spa uniform’ – anywhere in the world.


‘Little did I know that this small line of tunics in Vancouver, Canada, would evolve into a global business.’

Noel Asmar Uniforms are now available to the Australian market with free shipping.

‘We are a design company that understands no matter how exquisite the interior and architectural design of a salon, spa or clinic, it is the staff that make or break the experience,’ Noel explains.

‘I aspire to wellness in both mind and body and have been an avid spa goer all my life. making people feel good feels good and my journey into uniforms was inspired by an opportunity to make a difference.

‘At the front desk it’s nice to be greeted by a staff member attired in sleek, sophisticated styling that speaks to the modern world.

‘A massage therapist requires a quiet elegance. Performing massage is like a dance and it’s easier and more beautiful in uniforms built with meaning – splits, pleats, darts and seams perfectly placed.

‘Providing massages for hours is a balancing act that is made easier in a uniform that moves with you.’


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