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While there are so many facets of this complex industry, from cosmetic dental to plastic surgery, from day spas to nurses: all have a shared purpose – to make their clients and patients look and feel their best. It is for this reason that presentation is everything, from uniforms that make the first impression, to the way a spa or clinic’s bed is dressed. Each of these small components come together to create a larger picture that is, in most clients’ eyes, indicative of the quality of service they are about to receive, and profoundly reflects who you are as a brand.

This is largely how Leanne Spring from Spring Spa Wear has established herself as an authority on presentation across the beauty, spa and medical industries. A Beauty Therapist herself, Leanne has built a deep understanding of industry standards and requirements from her 28 years in the industry, including running her own chain of successful salons. After one day reaching a point of pure frustration with the limited choice of styles, colours and fabrics available on the salon uniform market at the time, Spring Spa Wear was born, filling a gap in the market for designs that not only looked professional but were comfortable, practical and the fabrics durable and easy for therapists to wash and wear.

Leanne Spring


New Linen Range

Today Spring Spa Wear has over 20 designs to cater for everyone in the industry (both men’s and women’s), including all shapes and sizes, made right here in Australia. Sizing begins at 6 through to 24, with some styles catering for smaller size 4 therapists and up to a size 30 in various designs. Leanne’s experience as a therapist also means she knows what each uniform needs to withstand, and Spring Spa Wear’s customised fabric has been made specifically to suit all varieties of hair and beauty industry professionals – it’s bleach resistant, pre-shrunk, fade resistant, doesn’t require ironing, and is very cool to wear. If the uniforms encounter any accidental wax spills, it can even be removed with citrus cleaner without causing damage to the fabric.

The extensive uniform range covers all varieties of tunics, pants, polos, dresses and even medical scrubs, but also extends far beyond just uniforms, including bed linen, towels, robes and wraps, headbands and aprons.

“I believe it is so important for every therapist to look and feel good in a uniform they wear every day,” says Leanne. “A uniform for every therapist is essential to the success of a salon. It is an opportunity to further your salon’s branding within the clinic and ensures you and your team come across as the professionals that you are.”

Salon Scrubs

“A uniform however, doesn’t just stop at the clothes that you wear. It also extends to the cleanliness of the shoes, the colour of the nail polish worn by your therapists, the way their hair is pulled back and the jewellery and accessories they wear with your uniform. It’s very important your staff are projecting the image of your business as you see it and as a business owner to enforce the uniform guidelines you put in place.”

Spring Spa Wear have just released a stunning new e-book including their full catalogue – you can have a browse simply by clicking through the catalogue at the top.

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