Skin Therapists: Dress For Success

Nearly all aesthetics professionals have multi-functional roles, so don’t let your dress-code cramp the style of your staff when performing any of them.

If you choose to invest in staff uniforms, be sure to consider everything from fit and function to fashion and future-forward fabrics. Indeed, a suite of sophisticated yet practical outfits can enhance veneer of your business, unify your team and ensure they’re working in the upmost comfort.

“Skin specialists that are comfortable and happy with what they are wearing will project professionalism,” says Pamela Jabbour, CEO of Total Image Group an Australian company who design and manufacture uniforms for aesthetics businesses.

Pamela says there are four key elements to styling a team of skin professionals. She shares them with SPA+CLINIC:


Indigo denim apron by Rose Street Apparel

Universally Flattering

Although therapists are dedicated to enhancing their clients’ beauty, it’s important that your staff look presentable and professional. Since you’re in the aesthetics business, it goes without saying that your uniform should be attractively designed. It should be cut to flatter all body shapes and constructed from fabric that hangs beautifully. I suggest avoiding figure hugging tunics which lack in movement and casual leggings that don’t look professional (or betray modesty). I would also steer clear of bright, overly-loud designs as they could take away from the safe, relaxing vibe your business is looking to exude.

The Little Tanning Dress (pictured) makes a great staff uniform for tanning specialist businesses, and clients will want to snap them up too, post-treatment

Targeted To Your Treatment Menu

Your staff uniform should be chosen with your specific treatment menu front of mind – so they are able to move freely, in maximum comfort. Whether you specialise in sunless tanning or high-tech skin rejuvenation, the clothes your staff wear should be practical for the tasks at hand. For example, I would always recommend tanning artists wear darker colours but if this doesn’t work with your other colour themes (and you  are determined fashion your team in lighter colours) I would always recommend Teflon treated fabric to prevent staining.

Built for the beauty biz: Uniforms by Total Image Group

Show Individual Personality

The dress-code of your establishment should help unify your staff, but it’s important you invest uniforms that allow the personality of individual therapists to shine through too. I often recommend a mix-and-match range. This may be a choice of a soft top, a matched plain tunic with contrast trim, and a matching tunic in an action back cut, giving staff options of cut and style, without compromising your brand aesthetic. I also suggest allowing the option for personal styling through the option of wearing the blouse tucked in, out or with the sleeves cuffed back.

Uniform by Total Image Group

Hardworking and Hard-wearing 

Constructed from high quality fabric, uniforms available for aesthetics professionals are incredibly future-forward. Not only do they look great, they harness the latest technology in terms of functionality. Therapists are dealing with a variety of substances that notoriously stain fabric – so naturally, you should choose fabrics that are stain resistant and odour proof. Total Image Group offer garments manufactured with silver nanoparticles that kill bacteria, fungi and unpleasant owners. Nanoparticles of silica can also be added or sprayed on the fabric surface to form a coating that repels water and stain-producing liquids. Don’t work with materials that change after a few washes and then look drab, worn and tired. Always opt for the most practical fabrics.









Pamela Jabbour (pictured left) is the founder and CEO of Total Image Group, which designs, sources and manufactures leading edge, quality uniforms for companies across Australia. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne and China, they dress over 250 000 workers a day, with clients including 13CABS and the Australian Olympic Team and officials. For more information visit