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Red Alert Cleanse, gentleCleanse, betaCleanse and are now available in 40ml bottles, ideal for overnight or weekend stays away, and holidays of course, but also popping in a handbag or gym bag for a quick freshen-up on the go.

Each cleanser is specifically formulated for different skin types:

  • Red Alert Cleans is suitable for hyper-sensitive, inflammatory and erythematous skin types. It actively helps reduce skin redness by providing intensive, calming relief for flare-ups caused by hypersensitivity. Red Alert Cleanse helps the skin combat daily environmental stress, improves the lipid barrier of the skin and helps to visibly reduce the signs of skin ageing. Soreness and surface irritation are eliminated, while the damaged skin components that induce chronic erythema are restored to their proper function. Its rich yet lightweight lather is pH balanced. It contains Medik8’s patented active ingredient Teprenone with vitamin K1 complex and organic sweet orange oil to help prevent, relieve and reduce skin redness while nourishing and moisturising.
  • gentleCleanse is a delicate non-exfoliating, yet deeply purifying foaming wash. Rich but lightweight, it removes impurities without stripping the skin’s natural moisture. gentleCleanse contains organic rosemary oil, a powerful botanical antioxidant and natural glycerin, a humectant, which attracts water from the air and draws it to the skin. This ensures the skin remains hydrated and comfortable.
  • betaCleanse is suitable for blemished and oily skin; a deep cleansing, antibacterial and exfoliating foaming formulation. It combines beta hydroxy (BHA), mandelic and salicylic acids with a novel niacinamide (vitamin B3), tea tree oil and chlorhexidine gluconate blend to improve the appearance of problematic skin and help prevent future breakouts. betaCleanse removes dirt, oil, impurities and makeup while helping to unclog pores without over-drying and causing irritation. It contains only gentle surfactants (cleansing agents) to protect the delicate equilibrium of the skin and the lipid soluble salicylic and mandelic acids help the skin shed dead cells and prevent pore-clogging.


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