Let’s Nail Eating Disorders

Every year, approximately a million Australians suffer from an eating disorder. It’s the most misunderstood mental illness in Australia yet equates to the highest fatality rate compared with other mental illnesses.

During the month of May, The Butterfly Foundation’s Maydays for Eating Disorders campaign aims to raise awareness of the seriousness of this issue and funds for research and improved treatment and prevention services.

By starting a conversation around the causes and effects of eating disorders, The Butterfly Foundation – dedicated to bringing about change to the culture, policy and practice in the prevention, treatment and support of those affected by eating disorders and negative body image – aims to remove the stigma associated with this mental illness; to create a society that celebrates individualism, healthy lifestyles and encourage positive body image.

Faby Nails teamed up with The Butterfly Foundation for the first time last year, inviting interested businesses, celebrities and individuals to “Nail It” during the month of May as a symbol against negative body image and the devastating fallout it can cause.

As per last year, Faby will donate 100 percent of profits from retail and online sales of selected nail lacquers sold during May.

FABY-NAIL-GENERICThe Butterfly Foundation also calls on Australians to challenge themselves by “nailing” a personal goal they have always wanted to achieve – for instance, run a marathon, volunteer in retirement home, grow a beard or shave your head (or share awareness with clients to do the same) for a charitable cause, buy nothing new for the month of May – or simply paint a nail in support of positive body image.

All funds raised for the Maydays campaign will go towards better prevention and treatment services and greater community education on the devastating impact eating disorders has on sufferers, their families and the community.

“An eating disorder is not a lifestyle choice; it is a serious mental illness, with the highest mortality rate of all psychiatric illnesses,” says Butterfly Foundation CEO Christime Morgan.

“Support our vision to bring about change to the way in which people with eating disorders receive treatment, are able to access care and how our society views body image.”


Key areas of The Butterfly Foundation’s advocacy include appropriate funding for treatment, professional development for clinicians and all treatment professionals, education and awareness of risk factors and behaviours, media and industry awareness and education, access to appropriate levels of public and private health treatment funding, multiple access points to support and counselling, research into epidemiology, prevalence, risk factors, socio-economic impacts, emerging trends and behaviours.

Help nail this serious illness by registering online or paint your nails in support of positive body image.


The Butterfly Foundation has fundraising kits, posters and promotional items for those salons, spas and clinics who wish to participate.


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