Nurse Jodie on: The Matrix™

Meet Nurse Jodie, a healthcare professional turned aesthetics expert, leading a thriving clinic on the Sunshine Coast. Recently, she introduced Candela’s cutting-edge Matrix™ system. Dive into the transformative impact this new addition is having on Nurse Jodie’s patients, team, and the overall success of her business.

Nurse Jodie

Q: Can you share a bit about your background and journey into nursing? 

A: I go by Nurse Jodie, and my nursing career began back in 1987, right after high school. Initially, I started as an assistant in nursing and later pursued my Diploma of Enrolled Nursing, then later my Bachelor’s degree. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of working in a variety of nursing specialties, including general surgery, ENT, gynaecology, renal, and orthopaedic wards. These areas have provided me with a diverse and fast-paced nursing experience, mainly focused on caring for both pre and post-operative patients. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the dynamic nature of this work; it’s never a dull moment.

Q: How did you transition into the aesthetics industry from your nursing career? 

A: About 12 years ago, I came across a cosmetic clinic advertising positions for a cosmetic nurse and a beauty therapist. Although I hadn’t previously worked in this industry, I had completed my diploma in beauty therapy during a maternity leave 15 years prior. With a keen interest and the desire to learn both roles, I applied for the positions and was fortunate enough to work with a remarkable team of doctors, nurses, and therapists, performing skin treatments for patients. Little did I know that this experience would pave the way for me to eventually establish my own clinic.

Q: Tell us about your clinic and how it evolved over time. 

A: Our clinic, situated in the picturesque Sunshine Coast of Queensland in Minyama, started as a small venture about five years ago. We began by renovating a three-room space, giving it a fresh look with new paint and flooring. Initially, it was a nerve-wracking endeavour, not knowing how we’d survive and grow. We offered services that we were confident in, and gradually, our clinic began to flourish.

Q: What types of treatments are currently in high demand among your patients? 

A: Patients often seek treatments that help them look and feel more youthful or maintain their current appearance. They’re interested in slowing down the ageing process, and we typically categorise our patients into three groups: the preservers, the preventers, and the reversers. A popular and versatile treatment that addresses all these categories is Matrix™ Pro RF microneedling. This treatment preserves, prevents, and reverses ageing through radiofrequency coagulation, which enhances firmness and elasticity, and microneedling, helping to stimulate collagen production as we age.

Q: What initially attracted you to the Matrix™ system? 

A: Our attraction to the Matrix™ system stemmed from its RF microneedling and sublative RF applications. One of the primary concerns patients had was achieving improved skin texture. Prior to this technology, patients had to undergo more severe ablative resurfacing treatments, leading to extended downtime and discomfort. The Matrix™ system’s results are truly game-changing for patients, providing visible improvements in texture and skin quality with minimal, if any, downtime.

Q: What is your favourite feature of the Matrix™ system? 

A: I’m particularly fond of the Matrix™ system’s compact and beautifully presented design. It’s incredibly portable, easily moving from one treatment room to another without taking up much space. Additionally, it’s straightforward to operate. 

Q: Having had the Matrix™ system in your clinic for three months, how have both existing and new patients received it? 

A: The Matrix™ is delegable to team members, and in our clinic, Asha our brilliant cosmetic nurse (pictured below) is our professional Matrix™ Queen, smashing out the most packages since acquiring the device! Asha makes it a point to discuss Matrix™ treatments with our patients because she understands that virtually every skin type can benefit from improved skin texture and tightening and that it’s an excellent preventative measure for ageing, thanks to the microneedling’s collagen-inducing effects. When Asha shows our patients the before-and-after results achieved with Matrix™ treatments, most are very eager to book their sessions!

Q: Considering the time the Matrix™ system has been in your clinic, how long do you anticipate it might take to recoup your investment? 

A: I’m confident that we’ll recover our investment in the system within 12 months. In just two months, we generated $40,000 from RF microneedling treatments alone. Patients are keen on natural rejuvenation, and the Matrix™ system’s ability to tighten skin and improve its quality without invasive procedures or extended downtime is a compelling selling point. We’ve been able to instil confidence in our patients, knowing that they can achieve the desired results.

Q: Based on patient feedback, what significant enhancements in patient experience have you observed during and after Matrix™ treatments so far?

A: Patients have reported refined pores, improved or even eliminated wrinkles, and a lift in cheeks and eye areas after consecutive Matrix™ treatments. Their skin’s elasticity and texture have improved significantly. These treatments enable our clients to achieve airbrushed-like results for their skin, akin to a filtered appearance. For new clients, we recommend starting with a Matrix™ Pro treatment as it enhances the quality of their skin, improving the results of other treatments like fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments. 

Q: Have you noticed increased patient interest and engagement due to the Matrix™ system’s addition, even during the early stages of its introduction? 

A: Absolutely, the addition of the Matrix™ system has sparked greater interest and uptake among our patients. Our clients are enthusiastic about maintaining their natural beauty, and this treatment helps maintain youthfulness or reverse signs of ageing with consecutive sessions. We encourage our patients to try at least one treatment, and most of them opt for the package of three treatments after experiencing the benefits for themselves. 

Q: Looking ahead, how do you envision the Matrix™ system contributing to the sustained growth and success of your clinic in the long term? Are there any strategies you plan to implement to support this? 

A: I can’t stress enough how the Matrix™ system benefits every skin type and age group, thanks to its versatility in addressing various concerns. As we continue to witness the remarkable results it delivers, we’re increasingly confident in using this device. Consequently, we’re combining sublative RF and RF microneedling treatments or creating packages to improve skin quality. For some patients, combining Matrix™ Pro for neck tightening with bioremodeling stimulator treatments is proving highly effective. With these two devices, we believe we can address all skin concerns comprehensively. This has positioned us as a reputable cosmetic, skin, and beauty clinic on the Sunshine Coast, and we’re excited to see the sustained growth and success this will bring.


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