SPA+CLINIC 2018 Survey

At SPA+CLINIC, we want to give you the kind of content that excites you, inspires you, and genuinely interests you. In order to do that, we need your feedback. As our valued readers, your opinion matters to us. What do you like about SPA+CLINIC, and what can we do better?

Our annual online survey helps us improve, and is a vital source of information for us on which we base our daily online content as well as our quarterly print content. We genuinely want to hear what type of content you like to read, and which areas you’d like to hear more of.

By completing this short survey, not only will you help us ensure we’re creating the content you want, but you’ll also go in the running to win an iPad Square Stand, allowing contactless chip payments, valued at $299.

Thank you for helping us be the best, click here to start the survey.

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