Career Path Survey for Global Spa Management

Your Participation is Vital

Lori Hutchinson, founder and co-owner of Hutchinson Consulting and Our Spa Community

USA has embarked on a worthy cause and needs our input in an important survey designed to benefit the entire global spa management community.   

The information gained will help successfully develop careers and career paths in the spa industry globally.

The goal is for spa managers, directors, corporate/VP’s, spa consultants, and owners of spas from around the world to take this survey.   

If you qualify, please take 10 minutes to answer this confidential questionnaire regarding your career path by July 31, 2013.  Also, please encourage anyone else you know in spa management to participate by forwarding them this email. 

Here is the Link: 

Why this Survey?  

At the 2012 Global Spa & Wellness Summit, a report by SRI International was presented, entitled, ‘Spa Management Workforce & Education: Addressing Market Gaps’.  In the Executive Summary, three challenges were outlined that are not currently being addressed.  In brief:

  • There is not enough trained spa managers for the huge need due to the growth of spas worldwide.  Being in spa management is a very challenging career that requires a huge mix of hard and soft skills and there is not yet a well-defined educational or career pathway.  
  • The industry has few spa specific college level courses and training programs to adequately train enough people in the spa business and those people thinking they may want to accept a spa management position.  There is a gap in ‘hard skills’ and technical/business skills that industry leaders complain are prevalent in spa management.  
  • Few spa companies invest resources to adequately train their current staff and managers so people are not likely to be prepared for promotional opportunities.


The Head Spinning quote: 

‘There are approximately 4,000 students’ worldwide currently enrolled in spa management-related degree programs.  There are an estimated 130,000-180,000 spa managers and directors currently working in spa businesses around the world, and this figure is continuing to grow. Clearly the number and size of spa management-related degree programs is not meeting the spa industry’s hiring needs for well-trained management personnel.’

Our committee’s goals are to assist the global spa community to attract individuals to be spa managers and to support them. 

Potential projects for our committee:

  • Creating a Communications Campaign using the information received in this Survey to entice people to join the ranks of spa management
  • Providing career advice (books, websites, and articles) on association websites
  • Starting a local mentorship program
  • Encouraging spas to start an internship program (informally or formally)
  • Encouraging companies to offer scholarships for deserving students at spa schools and spa training programs
  • Starting a local Job Shadowing program


As a thank you after completing the survey you will be entered to win one of these prizes when you finish the survey:

  • A one-year membership with the International SPA Association ($649 USD):

ISPA is the leading global network of spa industry professionals providing access to cutting-edge research and data, networking opportunities, worldwide media exposure and much more. Becoming an ISPA member will help you grow both personally and professionally.

  • One course each for two winners from Raison d’Etre (each $1668 USD):

Raison d’Etre’s Spa Management Online Program is an entire online based education with focus on personal management development and strategic business planning. Developed and led by industry experts with solid operational experiences who know what the spa market needs in its future leaders.

  • One course in the online Spa Program with UC Irvine Extension ($690 USD):

University of California, Irvine Extension is leading the way in spa management training with a fully online Spa and Hospitality Management Certificate Program taught by spa industry experts. Coursework teaches the necessary skills for successful day-to-day operations of a spa as well as the latest in business management, retailing, leadership, recruitment & retention strategies, customer engagement, finance, and marketing. 

  •  One intensive three day course from Wynne Business ($1599 USD):

This intensive three day course in spa management will improve spa leaders’ skills in marketing, leadership, accounting, operations management, employee selection & training, sales, and overseeing profitable service & retail programs.

The report that inspired this survey, ‘Spa Management Workforce & Education: Addressing Market Gaps’ can be found in full below.


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