Introducing SPA+CLINIC Magazine!

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This week we celebrate a major milestone in our magazine’s history, with the rebranding of Spa Australasia as SPA+CLINIC.

Spa Australasia magazine was a pioneer, forging uncharted territory; driving and shaping the early spa industry in Australia and nurturing it in the ensuing years.

In that same pioneering spirit we realised it was time to regroup – reflect and reassess what ‘spa’ means in today’s world and position this magazine accordingly. Not only reflect but predict and be the leading professional magazine for advanced aesthetics, cosmetic medical and clinical wellness service providers.

SPA+CLINIC’s mandate is to cover the coalface issues of the merging aesthetics, spa, wellness and cosmetic medical sectors, and bring you international and local industry trends, direction and developments; new product and technology integration and application information; crucial investment protocols, legalities and education data; events coverage and opportunity analysis and contacts.

In keeping with the magazine’s new age, there is a theme running through the issue about age and ageing and the enormous opportunities it represents for both businesses and customers. SPA+CLINIC’s mandate is to keep the aesthetics industry abreast of breakthroughs, trends and news in this arena.

One of the key opportunities is recognising, understanding and catering to the Flat Agers, a term identified this year by international trend forecasting agency The Future Laboratory.

But the new name is not in any way to suggest SPA+CLINIC has abandoned its roots. We’re not just talking about aesthetic procedures and products (though naturally this is now a huge emphasis for us – and you!).

There is a strong worldwide focus on anti-ageing medicine and treating the whole person (ie. an holistic, integrative approach) as opposed to treating symptoms and conditions in isolation of what else is going on with that person’s mind and body.

So we are balancing all the new whizz bang stuff with a healthy focus on wellness: products and therapies for stress management, relaxation, diet and detox. And don’t forget good old-fashioned pampering!

If you’re not already a subscriber, we urge you not to miss out on this invaluable business resource – and a whole lot of good reading.

Immerse yourself in the new chapter of cosmetics, aesthetics and wellness.

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