First released in 2001, Cell Fusion C is made available exclusively through doctors and licensed skin care professionals throughout 60,000 medispa and plastic/cosmetic surgery clinics in more than 55 countries. Now it is available in Australia.

Cell Fusion C uses a clinically-proven dual liposome technique to deliver active ingredients deep into the skin without chemical preservatives, mineral oil, fragrances or artificial dyes, restoring and strengthening the skin’s natural immune system.

Its proprietary technique works to restore cell membrane integrity, dramatically improving visible skin problems and overall condition by stimulating cellular activity and neutralising free radicals.

This promotes healthy, youthful radiance. Cell Fusion C is represented exclusively in Australia by Allura Cosmetic.

The range offers effective and comprehensive protocols to address most skin conditions with cost-effective treatments, realistic home-care pricing yet with excellent retail profit of 90-130 percent mark up. There are no online competing sales. Allura Cosmetic provides comprehensive training and ongoing support.



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