Laser Clinics Launches New Filler Treatment

Laser Clinics Australia has just launched a brand new treatment, Micro Filler, throughout their 110+ clinics nationwide. The treatment, which focuses on brightening the complexion and boosting hydration, uses a uniquely formulated hyaluronic-acid based gel that is administered evenly across face, neck and décolletage using an innovative delivery device.


The Micro Filler formula is a non-cross-linked, hyaluronic acid-based gel combined with amino acids, including Leucine for cell regeneration, and Glycine for stimulating the production of collagen fibres. Also included are powerful antioxidants, minerals such as zinc and copper, and vitamins like B6, all to nourish cells, assist with cellular metabolism, protect against cellular oxidation and eliminate free radicals.


So how does Micro Filler differ from regular dermal filler? According to LCA’s Medical Director, Dr. Jonathan Hopkirk, “the Micro Filler itself helps to repair, rejuvenate and hydrate the skin working at the very surface layer of the skin only also known as the papillary layer. Unlike traditional HA dermal filler which is cross-linked for the purpose of adding volume and shape, Micro Filler does not add volume or shape but rather stimulates important changes in the skin cells at the surface level. These changes leave the skin looking tighter, firmer and more hydrated with the added bonus of a post procedural glow for up to 5 weeks.”

The other major difference is the delivery method. The device ensures exact and consistent injection technique and depth of the product, meaning patients will receive the exact same treatment from any one of LCA’s 200 doctors and registered nurses across the country. It also allows for treatment of delicate areas such as directly beneath the eyes.

“The product is administered with the V2 device which ensures the exact depth of up to 1mm deep is replicated with each 5-point needle tip injection,” says Dr Hopkirk. “This ensures product placement is exact and uniform in all treatment areas and can be modified depending on skin type and zone by the injector in a systematic and methodical way. Furthermore this adds benefit in that the skin needling itself further stimulates skin cell turnover and repair and the treatment can be reproduced every time the client presents.”

According to Laser Clinics, the treatment is ideal for anyone aged 30 upwards who is concerned about or experiencing the effects of ageing on their face, under eyes, neck, chest or back of hands, including fine lines, dullness, crepiness or sagging. The treatment takes between 30-60 minutes with results showing within 10 days. Three treatments spaced around a month apart are recommended for optimal results, followed by biannual treatments for upkeep.

To those that may compare the treatment with micro needling, Dr Hopkirk says “yes that is a component, however this treatment takes micro needling to a new level given the mechanical is boosted with a medicinal. Micro needling is the administration method and the product (the Micro Filler) is the magic product which is administered to improve the health and appearance of your skin.”

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