From Injectable Company To Premium Niche Fragrance 

Exploring the motivations behind Tandy Cassar’s transition from the corporate aesthetic space to a fragrance business.

The serene Northern Beaches have a new fragrance representative: UULA. This innovative collection is the creation of Tandy and Kyle, a mother-son duo who embarked on a unique journey to blend northern beaches inspiration with self-expression and the art of unspoken communication.

Tandy, drawing from over a decade of experience in aesthetic company leadership (Tandy worked at Allergan Aesthetics) and her pharmacist background, brings a profound understanding of beauty, aesthetics, and quality to UULA.

Kyle, with his startup-driven branding and design expertise, showcases his skill through UULA’s meticulously crafted eco-friendly packaging, website, and social media presence.

Each gender-neutral fragrance from UULA is provided in its optimal dilution, Parfum, and is sustainably sourced, blended, aged with care and hand filled in Le Studio Parfum. Further emphasising the brand’s uniqueness, every bottle is numbered, showcasing its distinct identity. The brand is perfectly suited for skin clinics and medispas looking to add to their retail offering and supporting local brands.

We caught up with Tandy to learn more about their shared venture as entrepreneurs.

Tandy, given your background in aesthetics, why switch to fragrance?

My transition from the corporate aesthetic space to a fragrance business owned by my son, Kyle, and myself, has allowed me to fulfil 5 of my passions that have followed me throughout my life. 

  • Working with entrepreneurs and business owners. I love the excitement, adrenaline, fun and passion of small to medium business and their ability to be agile. With our roll out of UULA, we get to meet entrepreneurs and business owners every day.  

  • Fragrances have been my passion as far back as I can remember. I have always loved looking for that special fragrance that isn’t mainstream and needs some exploring to find.

  • My family are my everything and the opportunity to work with my son and for us to learn from each other has been the greatest gift of all.

  • Marketing and creativity in the new world of technology is such an important part of business success today but so are the business skills that come from a variety of roles and years of experience in business.

  • Giving back. Fragrances uplift our mood and often make us feel something and that is in many cases – happy. Our society today, especially younger generations, are facing a much noisier and fast paced world with less downtime and human connection than past generations.

UULA has also committed to support the Black Dog Institute with every bottle of UULA fragrance we sell. Black Dog Institute plays a role in mental health research.

What is so unique about UULA being available in skin clinics or Medispas?

UULA is a niche fragrance and is less accessible than mainstream fragrances. UULA distributes to a limited niche market and includes an expanding number of skin clinics and medispas.

Our fragrances have a strong emphasis on the artistry and creativity and are manufactured with the highest quality ingredients in small, boutique batches on the northern beaches in Sydney Australia.

They are available in optimal parfum dilution and have unique, scent profiles which stand out from the mainstream fragrances worn by everyone. 

Skin clinics and medispas provide customised, personalised and unique experiences for their clients. One size doesn’t fit all. UULA is unique, artisanal and personal and adds an exciting interactive experience in the waiting area for those who visit skin clinics or medispas.

Just like a visit to a skin clinic or medispa helps people feel their best, UULA is a special niche fragrance range that helps people express themselves and smell their best and not like everyone else.

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