Jeff Chen – High Tech Medical

“Sofwave has added a profound amount of value to our business”

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Sia Hendry – Alma Lasers Australia

“The Soprano Titanium is truly the future of laser hair removal and benefits clients, therapists and myself as a business owner”

Dr Donna Burgess – Venus Concept

“Seeing the positive change in my patients both inside and out is what motivates me”

Jeff Chen – High Tech Medical

“Sofwave has added a profound amount of value to our business”

Dr Joseph Hkeik – iS Clinical

“Skincare is a fundamental part of our business”

Dr Nashwa Botros – Venus Concept

“I am confident that I will get the desired results, every time.”

Dr Neal Kitchen – HydroPeptide

“I am particularly excited for the impact epigenetics will have on skincare.”

Melanie Grant – Melanie Grant Skin Studio

“We’re seeing amazing results across all skin types, including those that are usually higher risk candidates for laser treatment”

Nicole Montgomery – Aesthetic Coach

“I really want to focus on helping clinic owners increase their profits and brand profile by understanding marketing.”

Dr Ehsan Jadoon – Venus Concept

“As cosmetic doctors, our prime responsibility is to still be the healers and treat every patient with utmost respect and care.”

Tim Boon – TLC (Total Lifestyle Credit)

“At least 1 in 3 patients ask about alternate payment options for a treatment and 1,700 patients applied with TLC in March alone.”

Josh Locker – Cryomed

“My biggest motivation is delivering value in the form of superb devices and technology.”

Stefanie Milla – Dermalist

“The impact of aesthetic treatments on the wellbeing, mental health and happiness of people is still exceedingly underestimated.”

Paula Cliffin – Prologic Skin Care

“I face each day with passion for skin and compassion for the people who entrust me with theirs.”

Jan Marini – Jan Marini Skin Research

“All I’ve ever wanted to ultimately achieve is to transform individuals’ lives.”

Kate Jameson – Youth Lab

“We never lose sight of what our end goals are.”

Teresa Cutter – The Healthy Chef

“I don’t compromise on quality – that’s our unique point of difference.”

Maria Enna-Cocciolone – INSKIN COSMEDICS

“I am happiest out in the field with my team and partners.”

Rebecca Powne – AWE Cosmeceuticals

“You need plenty of resilience and patience.”

Stephanie Powell – Guinot

“Be passionate and work hard”

Malthi Nair – BABOR

“When I receive wonderful feedback on my team’s performance, those are my favourite moments.”

Vanessa Gray Lyndon – Vanessa Megan

“Our products are suited to any spa or clinic wanting a results driven organic range as an add-on to their existing offerings”

Angela Espie And Jo McDonald – France Medical

“Our business is about healing a woman from the inside out.”

Angela Espie & Jo McDonald, Owners, La Clinique

Judith Lennan – Guinot

“It’s immensely satisfying to be trusted with clients’ skin and have that close bond.”

Judith Lennan, Owner, Le Salon & Medi Spa

Tamara Melis – BABOR

Director Saltair Day Spa, Torquay, Victoria

“The Spa Industry Is Always Changing, Forever Amazing”

Michelle Reeve – Waterlily

“Put on your team’s oxygen mask first.”

Michelle Reeve, Founder, Waterlily

Gillian Adams – Babor

“I always wanted to lead the industry, so I was a creator of the changing industry, not just a follower”

Lesley Greenwell  – Guinot

“Believe in people and train and encourage them to be better than they imagined they could be professionally.”

Tracey Beeby – Ultraceuticals

“The more educated you are, the more your clientele will trust you and your expertise.”

Dr Geoffrey Heber – Ultraceuticals & UltraMD

GOLD STANDARDS IN SKINCARE by DR GEOFFREY HEBER, Founder and director of Ultraceuticals and UltraMD, based in Sydney


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