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GM Growth and Business Development Cryomed Aesthetics / ANZ

“My biggest motivation is delivering value in the form of superb devices and technology.”

Being partnered with a cosmetic dermatologist for almost 20 years and working in private practice for five years provided me with a great understanding of the market, and the needs of doctors and business owners. Having spent so much time in the aesthetics industry, I found that there was a gap in the market for great value devices. When Cryomed was first introduced to the market, doctors and business owners could invest in only a few devices, limiting the treatments they could offer. By providing access to great devices at great prices, Cryomed has enabled aesthetic businesses to widen their scope of practice, treating more indications.

My biggest motivation is delivering value in the form of superb devices and technology, providing practitioners and business owners with great value for money. Sourcing new devices and technologies to bring to the ANZ market is also one of my biggest motivators.

Support and understanding 

For practitioners thinking about purchasing a device, market research is vital. Cryomed Aesthetics is proud to offer informed advice, in tune with local business values, giving our clients a genuine advantage when selecting technologies. It is also crucial for clinic owners to partner with a provider which offers ongoing support for service, marketing and training. When opening your first clinic, we recommend assessing which indications your target audience are most concerned about, and sourcing quality technologies and equipment to target those concerns. 

Our exceptional offering

2020 has been an interesting year of growth and development for Cryomed. We have brought 10 new devices to market and have expanded and diversified our training and education facilities to better support our clients. Our superstar Ultraformer III continues to be one of our most popular devices, with our TESLA range also showing to be a strong favourite. Our body contouring technologies, the new SCIZER and new Clatuu Alpha, are also increasingly popular in the market providing options to clinics for both hot and cold body contouring technologies. 

Our FILLMED range boasts an array of dermal filler and injectable skin booster products which are currently only available in New Zealand. The new Q-Switched laser from Ilooda, the CuRAS, is continuing to become a superstar of cutting-edge Q-Switched technologies. We are thrilled to have also taken over RegenLab’s aesthetics division in Australia & New Zealand.

A bright future ahead

Our recent acquisition by EBOS Group enstiles local values allowing us to continue the ongoing growth of the expansive range of devices, technologies and products while providing continued comprehensive service to our valued clients. The support of EBOS provides Cryomed with more resources to deliver the important support to our customers. Marketing support and access to training and service will be more readily available to support our clients’ success. 

Cryomed will continue to be managed by myself, John Filler and Krystian Szuba, with the same fantastic Cryomed team our clients know and love. One of our first priorities is to expand our staffing and facilities in both Australia and New Zealand, beginning with our new purpose-built headquarters in Sydney’s east. 


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