Flowing Journey at Chuan Spa Auckland

Chuan Spa at The Langham has supplanted its place in the market with an authentic Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies and a luxury delivery that rivals no other — discovers Ashleigh Sharman.

Hidden within the serene corridors of The Langham, the six treatment room Chuan Spa Auckland offers its guests a unique insight into the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) armed with facilities that aim to nurture, heal and restore even the weariest traveler.

“Our uniqueness is not just about the aesthetics of the spa but the treatment delivery,” explains spa operations manager, Amanda Heger.

“We place an emphasis on what we call the Chuan Journey. From the moment you arrive at the spa till the moment you leave, there are a number of destinations within the spa that provide an emotional journey as well as a sensory one.”

Chuan Spa STORYThe international spa concept, adorning a group of Langham hotels including Hong Kong, Samui, Boston and Melbourne, Chuan Spa offers complimentary ranges from Thalgo and Natura Bisse in addition to its own Chuan branded products that span massage oils, herbal bath bombs, soaps and eye pillows.

Products are nestled within a comprehensive menu of treatments that extend from the expected massage and facial to escapes and experiences that challenge the body and mind – all carefully guided by staff to ensure each client journey is not only unique but memorable.

“The journey always begins in the Contemplation Corner, the quiet haven where guests fill out their consultation forms when they arrive,” says Amanda.

“We have an elemental questionnaire which we then give to guests to asses how they are feeling on the day so we can see which of the five elements needs rebalancing. They each have their own properties both emotional, mental and physical which gives the therapist a good understanding of where you are placed when you come in for a treatment.

“Each elemental force, fire, earth, water, metal and wood, is delivered in the form of specific essential oils and breathing rituals to ensure balance within the body followed by a prescribed elemental tea at the end of the treatment.”

But the unique touches don’t stop here as acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping and acupuncture facials can all be performed through a contracted TCM therapist. Guests may also while away the time in a Chuan ‘Haven’ – two sumptuous residential suites located within footsteps of the spa.

Perhaps the greatest add-on to the Chuan journey is the tri-bathe area.

Chuan Spa STORY 2Comprising of herbal steam room, sauna and ice experience these facilities are the ultimate balance of yin and yang available within the spa’s change rooms – an adjunct to the heated outdoor infinity pool, Jacuzzi and snail shower. The ideal Chuan journey is not surprisingly a lengthy one with massage making up 50 per cent of the spas business and a near equal split between walk‑in locals and hotel guests.

“Treatment packages are designed from one and a half hours to four hours but we have also noticed the increasing need for express treatments,” explains Amanda.

“We have recently incorporated these into our menu, but as what make us unique is the attention paid to the journey aspect of the treatment we hope guests see the time duration as an experience and vital to the total outcome.”

Local clientele can also take advantage of the spa’s membership program that, with three varying levels of membership, allows guests to operate an account system when visiting in addition to receiving special discounts and invitations to cocktail evenings. Accounting for four to seven per cent of
business, the program caps membership at 160 to maintain an element of exclusivity.

The NZ$4 million Chuan Spa proves it has the talents to match exceptional service with luxurious facilities, resulting in a deep and true sense of self.

This unique mind, body and soul experience is designed to stimulate meridian harmony by combining the therapeutic elements of acupressure with various relaxation massage techniques to induce a deep sense of calm.

Chuan Spa at The Langham, 83 Symonds Street, Auckland www.chuanspa.co.nz

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