Stefanie Milla – Dermalist

Founder & CEO/ Dermalist

“The impact of aesthetic treatments on the wellbeing, mental health and happiness of people is still exceedingly underestimated.”

My passion for the aesthetic industry began 27 years ago when I underwent a surgical procedure. As a young lady I was quite anxious about the prospect of being left with visible scars, so I began researching scar prevention or removal methods and discovered Low Level Laser Therapy when it was in its ‘cosmetic’ infancy here in Australia. The experience of being able to treat my scars had a profoundly positive impact on my self-esteem and confidence as a young adult. 

Subsequently, my respect and enchantment with laser and advanced cosmetic treatments truly flourished when I met a Doctor that performed laser treatments for hirsutism in 1999 and witnessed the extraordinary impact that he was having on the psychological wellbeing and happiness of so many people. At that point I was completely hooked, and I changed career path from pursuing business law to the cosmetic industry and began working with him as Business Development Manager.

From student to educator

For the past 20 years I have vehemently studied the field of Dermal Science and Cosmetic Technology, and early on in my career I was fortunate to be able to buy into the business which I helped build, which consisted of several high-end Dermal and Laser clinics. I have humbly had the privilege of not only being a Director of respected and benchmark clinics, but also an educator and leader to a team of incredibly talented Dermal Therapists, Cosmetic Nurses and Doctors.

One area for which I was constantly receiving feedback was regarding the difficulty and time involved in recommending complex cosmeceutical skincare regimes, and coaxing clients into using active skincare consistently and compliantly, along with concerns over long skin adjustment periods and slow results, quality, and transparency. This prompted me to pursue further education as a Formulation Chemist and create Dermalist – professional and multifunctional cosmeceutical skincare.

Creating an advanced skincare range

Dermalist is a range that reflects the advancements of the aesthetic industry and incorporates new scientific understandings regarding the superior success of utilising a holistic and global methodology to treating the skin, combined with both a causative and symptomatic treatment approach. Moreover, Dermalist represents the future of cosmeceutical skincare with ground-breaking approaches to treating the skin which include a focus on treating skin stress, along with extrinsic and intrinsic inflammation, as the common causative factor in almost every skin concern. 

Understanding how to influence chronic inflammation is of great personal significance to me, as my beautiful sister suffers with MS, therefore through my research and whilst helping her I gained a deep understanding of the impact that uncontrolled inflammation can have on every part of the human body, including the skin. 

Supporting the industry with ABIC

Viewing the industry change over the past 20 years, and more rapidly over the past 7 years, I noticed key regulations, standards, and education unable to keep up with the fast technological advancements. Legislation and external perceptions of the industry have largely remained antiquated and, in many cases, completely outdated. This is why I am honoured to be CEO and a Board Member of ABIC, The Aesthetic & Beauty Industry Council, working alongside esteemed and experienced professionals of the aesthetic community, so that we can help facilitate positive and much needed change in our field and achieve the collective goals of our industry. 

I believe that the impact of aesthetic treatments on the wellbeing, mental health and happiness of people is still exceedingly underestimated. My passion and focus is now on the continued progression and innovation of treatments and skincare that can enhance people’s experience of life and championing the betterment of our essential and much-loved aesthetic industry. 


Radiance Range

Allserum Skin Perfector

Clinical AllSerum Skin Perfector

Ultra Hydrating Lactic Cleanser

Ultra Smoothing Facial Exfoliant


Defy Range

Age Defying Multicomplex

Clinical Age Defying Multicomplex





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