Do Anti-Wrinkle Injections Improve A Blow Wave?

As time goes by, advancements are made and techniques are improved throughout the cosmetic industry, and we see more unique and innovative uses of injectables. In a discovery that has been dubbed ‘Blotox’ it seems that scalp injections of the anti-wrinkle drug may also increase the quality and duration of a blow wave.

You may already be well acquainted with the highly-successful use of anti-wrinkle injections for Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) – well the same principle applies to the scalp, as it’s also an area that some clients may experience excessive sweating. Thanks to our locks, the condition isn’t quite as noticeable as other common areas like underarms, hands and feet, but it can quickly ruin a good hair day and increase the need for hair-washing tenfold.

The scalp treatment isn’t exceedingly common in Australia yet, but has been gaining a lot of traction in the US and UK over the past year.

“Blotox has been popular for a while with many of my patients,” says Dermatologist Rachel Nazarian from US-based Schweiger Dermatology Group. “Many people are embarrassed to admit that they sweat a lot in their scalp. Although it can be quite annoying, it can also get quite expensive if these women are spending tons of money on blowouts and they’re barely lasting the day. Especially in the summertime when people sweat with the higher humidity, or when people go to the gym daily, sweat along the scalp hairline or in the scalp causes hair to curl and create waves, ruining a fresh blowout.”

Clinical director of Medizen in the UK, Dr David Eccleston, says “Frizzy hair, as you are aware, is made worse when humidity is high, or when naturally frizzy or curly hair has been straightened and is exposed to moisture, allowing it to return to its natural frizzy or curly state. Moisture affects the hydrogen bonds, which control the degree of curl in an individual’s hair.

Anti-Wrinkle injections stop sweating by blocking the nerve impulses to the individual sweat glands. When used in the scalp, sweating is reduced, thus reducing the tendency of straightened hair to return to its curly state.”

Aside from a longer-lasting blow wave or other styling session, there are plenty of other cases that can benefit from scalp injections. In addition to those affected by Hyperhidrosis, many mature patients experience heavy sweating of the scalp and forehead during menopausal hot flashes, along with those affected simply by intense exercise or visit to the gym.

“Many of my older patients that are experiencing hormonal hot flashes state that they can feel the sweat dripping down their face from their scalp. Injecting muscle relaxants into the scalp has given them a break from the embarrassment and made them more comfortable,” says Nazarian.

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