Malthi Nair – BABOR

Director of Spa / Malthi Nair / The Langham, Sydney

“When I receive wonderful feedback on my team’s performance, those are my favourite moments.”

Who I Am

How I got here

My journey started as a beauty therapist. After my studies at Madame Korner Beauty College, I returned to Fiji and operated my own beauty salon for a few years. The thirst to learn more in beauty made me return to Sydney. After a few years, I moved on to The Observatory Hotel which is now known as The Langham Sydney. There, I had the opportunity to train new colleagues and quickly took up the role of Spa Trainer. The passion of training took me a step further and I became a certified Training and Development Manager. The next step forward was the Operations Manager where my role was to oversee the overall day to day operations including recruitment and training. I was working closely with the then Director of Spa, to whom I’m grateful for sharing his business tips and assisting me in expanding my business focus. In his absence, I would hold the reins of the business and gradually took the role of Director of Spa.

What inspires me
We all go through a phase of skin problems as a teenager and I wasn’t any different. Trying to treat my own skin concerns opened up lots of new opportunities for me. The passion to learn more brought me to Sydney to pursue a career in beauty. Seeing great results from the treatments and products we use for our treatments inspires me. As well as reading success stories of achievers whether they are personal or business stories and how they overcome any hurdles in achieving their goals. When I was a therapist, the smile and the look on my guests’ faces
after their treatments said it all and now, as Director of Spa, when I receive wonderful feedback on my team’s performance, those are my favourite moments.

My favourites
The Babor cosmeceutical professional treatments are my most loved. This high performance cosmeceutical range combines the latest findings in skin science and technology together with decades of Babor research to create a focused treatment series that offers exceptional results without the ‘inflammaging’. My favourite Babor product is the iconic Dr Babor Collagen Booster Cream. This 24 hour cream contains an intensive dose of Hyaluronic acid and a combination of Tripeptides that noticeably plump, firm and densify the skin.

My advice
This industry has endless opportunities. You may be starting as a therapist or spa receptionist that’s just putting your foot in the door. With my story being an example of where this career can lead you, you must have that dedication and passion in you to drive you forward. At our Day Spa, we believe in developing our own team to take up any roles that may come up. At the rate at which everything is changing, the spa industry isn’t any different. I would like it to be known for its wellness, mindfulness and health benefits where one not only comes to relax but to enjoy an experience. With everyone leading a busy lifestyle, spas will become a place where you reconnect with your inner self and at the same time have treatments that will bring results.


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