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Founder & Director / Vanessa Megan / Marrickville

Solving Skin Concerns Naturally 

Who I Am

My values brought me here

I began making skincare in 2001 when I became obsessed with cleaning and nourishing my skin naturally. I couldn’t find a natural skincare brand, so I decided to make one for myself. Then my friends asked for samples and I began thinking this might be a new trend. Little did I know that my hobby would become my life’s purpose. By 2008, I was the first to market with an Australian Certified Organic skincare range. I didn’t start out with a plan to solve skin concerns naturally. I was simply driven by a set of values.

Customers care about ingredients

Since then, the skincare landscape has changes quite a bit, especially when it comes to the ease of the sales conversation. When I started selling at market stalls, I was talking to people every day. I felt a sense of urgency to protect people from what they didn’t yet know. I didn’t want to lecture, but back then, people were not inspecting ingredient listings the way they do today. Now, our customers are educated and very informed, and they find us because they are looking for us.

It’s all about natural innovation

Innovation is my biggest motivator − but innovation in the most natural way. I love to observe what results are achieved with synthetic skincare and then I turn to nature to find the ingredients that will prove that naturals can offer the same results. This quest keeps me returning to my lab every day, as well as the people I work with. Good communication and transparency are keywords I use to define the success of our team. A great team evolves when everyone knows their strengths and weaknesses and is given the support, trust and autonomy to work to their full potential.

Our hero product

Of all our products, I’m most proud of our award-winning Cryo Ice Cube treatment. I was playing with heat and ice, and studying the skin’s response to extreme polar temperatures®. Ice causes anti-inflammatory oxygen to pump into a site. Heat shakes the cement around the skin cell. So it goes to follow that ice or heat when partnered with pure ingredients is a super natural skin cell regenerator.

The Cryo Ice Cube treatment is a great add-on, which can be inserted into any stage of a pre-existing treatment, like IPL or laser. We also offer a comprehensive spa range with a number of treatments for any spa or clinic looking to add a proven natural brand to complement their existing offerings.

Proven results

Our national case studies have proven our efficacy, which is really exciting. We can place our hand on our heart and talk about solving skin concerns naturally, and we’ve also proven that naturals can absolutely deliver anti-ageing results. So I’m confident we will stand alongside those brands that are known for achieving these results using synthetic ingredients.

My father always maintained “If you do what you love, the money will follow.” So I count myself lucky I was given the permission to chase the things I love − from a very young age. It’s now a nonnegotiable for me.

“Our products are suited to any spa or clinic wanting a results driven organic range as an add-on to their existing offerings”



Cryo Facelift Ice Cube Treatment

Fire & Frost® Skin Refining Treatment

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