What Your Business Can Do To Help Australia’s Bushfires

Feeling helpless? Here’s how you and your team can show support for Australian bushfire relief.

After what feels like a lifetime of devastating bushfires ravaging the country, and Australia’s state of crisis continuing to worsen each passing day, the time for action is now. Firefighters are pouring in from Canada and the US as we speak; New Zealand, Singapore and Papua New Guinea have all pledged military support, and French President Emmanuel Macron called our PM first thing Monday morning to offer operational assistance. Our dire situation even received a number of mentions and acknowledgements at yesterday’s Golden Globes.

For those who aren’t directly impacted, it’s easy to feel helpless. If this is you, here are some key ways that you and your team could make a difference:

While we can’t all afford to pledge a cool half a million like Pink! did over the weekend, remember that every small donation counts, and there are plenty of organisations to choose from – all desperate for any extra help, big or small. For firefighters, it’s RFS (NSW Rural Fire Services), CFA (Country Fire Authority) and CFS (South Australian Country Fire Service). Animal Welfare includes Wires, Wildlife Victoria and Adelaide Koala Rescue, and replenishing services you might choose Foodbank Australia, Red Cross, or Salvos. Or of course, you could join over 1 million people in donating to Celeste Barber’s incredible Facebook fundraising efforts, which (at the time of publishing) has reached over $4 million – which goes to the Trustee for NSW Rural Fire Service & Brigades.

Raise Funds Through Sales
We’ve seen a huge amount of generosity and support coming from our beauty and aesthetics community in the last several days in particular, with more and more businesses, therapists and practitioners donating portions of treatment profits to the aforementioned causes. This could, for example, be a set amount from all injectables, or 10% of the price of all treatments for the month, or all profits from certain products sold – it’s completely up to you. This is a wonderful, simple method of growing your donation pool and we guarantee most of your clients will be incredibly supportive. You could event pop a donation tin on your reception desk too.

Utilise your client database to send out a newsletter with information and direct hyperlinks, encouraging those who are willing to donate.

Host A Fundraiser
Most spa, salon and clinic owners have hosted one of their own events for business purposes – this time instead of celebrating an opening, birthday, new service or something similar, host a fundraising event for the firefighters, or our dear Australian wildlife.

Non-Financial Contributions
If you really don’t have the financial means, that’s okay – there are other ways you and your team could offer support. Volunteer with one of the above welfare or replenishing services. Jump onto Change.org and sign a petition (or two!) asking for the government to declare a climate emergency. Donate non-perishable food and canned goods, and if you’re regional, leave some water dishes outside for thirsty wildlife.

Start Conversations
Most of your clients will be speaking about it already, but if not, open up a dialogue. It’s all about keeping the conversation going, and the more discussion around the subject, the more it will encourage those who haven’t already to take action. Take the opportunity to share the above non-financial contributions with clients that may not be aware of them.

Share, Share, Share!
This is one of those situations in which social media is most important, useful, and far-reaching. Not only is the platform allowing us to spread the word on a global scale in order to receive much-needed support from around the world, but many small voices start a movement. Be one of those voices – share details of your fundraising efforts with your clients, spread more ways to give back, and keep the conversation going. More importantly, tag key organisations in your social media posts to help encourage and direct those who aren’t sure where to donate time or funds. Here are some key Instagram tags to know:

  • @nswrfs
  • @cfavic
  • @cfsfoundation
  • @wireswildliferescue
  • @adelaidekoalarescue
  • @foodbankaus
  • @redcrossau
  • @salvosau

Shop With Those Affected
Once fires have passed through, thousands of small businesses will be struggling to rebuild. Shop with these businesses, and help them get back on their feet.

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