Kate Jameson – Youth Lab

Founder, Youth Lab / Perth / WA
We never lose sight of what our end goals are.

Setting goals
I opened my aesthetic clinic, Youth Lab, almost two years ago, and the time since then has been an absolute whirlwind. At times the journey has been overwhelming with such high growth and demand for our services, but at the same time it has been exhilarating and certainly very humbling. I owe so much to my patients’ loyalty and very vocal word of mouth referrals. I have certainly had this level of success as a goal and do pinch myself that we have reached such heights so quickly.

Our point of difference
Youth Lab is set apart from other clinics due to our unique treatment offerings, our culture and the experience we offer to each client. Our treatments are very tailored and personalised and I am not one to jump at the newest technology or treatment of the month, just because I saw a machine presented at a conference (medical reps HATE me). I also only ever offer a treatment I know can deliver results in a safe manner, with limited risk and with high patient satisfaction. As a result, our devices are of the highest possible quality, offering superior results when compared to many other clinics. Moreover, we love to innovate with our treatment offerings, using multiple technologies in single treatments to amplify results as well as continually change our treatment protocols so that other clinics cannot deliver our results, even if they do have the same machine. I generally decide on introducing a new treatment when I see a gap in our offerings. That often comes from a run of patients who are seeking out a treatment, who have a particular concern that we cannot address with our existing treatments or who may be going elsewhere for a particular treatment. Once I see a need within our existing patient base I do my due diligence and will decide on the safest and most effective means of addressing that concern.

Work ethic, integrity, passion
Finding the right staff is a real focus area for Youth Lab as a brand, as the people who work here are quite literally the business. I am so lucky to be in a position where I am in partnership with my fiancé Jon who looks after the majority of the business, marketing and HR aspects for Youth Lab and we now have a brilliant clinic manager who manages the day to day of our talented team of 10. Both Jon and I have a clear mantra in building our team and that is, if we want to be the best, then we can’t have average staff or people who don’t align with our values and culture. As a result, finding staff isn’t necessarily hard, but finding the ‘right’ team members that have those core fundamentals values such as work ethic, integrity and passion is where the challenge can lie.

Building a brand
We have a laser like focus on what our brand represents and what our vision for Youth Lab is. We have invested heavily in our online presence and digital marketing and keep all of our social medial in house which I think builds trust and keeps us authentic. I think lots of doctors and clinicians may enter the industry expecting to make good money and capitalise on the industry. However, I strongly believe many need to learn how to feel comfortable being quiet and slowly build a client base. Not giving in to the temptation to discount to get people through the door is paramount. Respect your colleagues, ask for advice and always refer on when needed. I am nowhere near where I want to be in terms of my career, and Youth Lab is still in its very early stages as a startup business so there is so much more we want to achieve as a company. We have a vision with Youth Lab and continue to strive for that vision every day, both myself and my partner Jon never lose sight of what our end goals are


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