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A Holistic Approach To Skin Health

How it all started

Growing up, I loved cooking with my Polish Great Aunt (Ciotka). She had her own vegetable garden, and it was so much fun cooking with the vegetables that we handpicked together. I trained as a Chef in the French tradition in a 5-star hotel. I was also very active and loved bike riding. I became a personal trainer and went on to study nutrition at Deakin University. My clients were always asking me for healthy recipes, so I was always testing out new ways to make a recipe healthier but still taste delicious. I moved to Sydney and decided to show my recipes to a publisher, and they signed me up for a triple book deal. I then opened The Healthy Chef Café in 2006 and tested my recipes out on the public; it was a moment of truth. People loved my food and lucky for me people kept coming back. After 6 years, I sold the café to reach a broader audience. I designed my range of premium, functional wholefoods including a pure, bio-dynamic, grass-fed Whey Protein Isolate from France, Organic Pea Protein and a wild-caught Marine Collagen.

My road to wellbeing

I have always had gut issues, so my recipes and functional foods all cater to that. I went on to discover that many women experience some sort of digestive health issue. My functional food products were all designed to be instantly absorbed by the body, so there is no stress on the digestive system. My range offers pure and unadulterated nutrition that tastes wonderful and leaves you feeling healthy and energised. The way I eat is more flexitarian and plant-based these days as it’s easier on my digestive system. My new cookbook, Earth To Table, set for release this October, features 168 delicious plant-based recipes and reflects how I love to eat for optimal skin and digestive health.

The perfect complement to in-clinic treatments

My products work from the inside out; I believe that what you eat has a direct effect on your skin and complexion as well as your general wellbeing. Aesthetic and wellness clinics need to incorporate a scientific, nutritional and holistic approach to skin health to get the best results. Healthy Chef Marine Collagen, Organic Superfood, Green Smoothie and Natural Immune Support are best suited to complement in-clinic treatments. My calming and nourishing, award-winning tea range is also highly complementary to the in-clinic luxury experience. The Healthy Chef is the only company in Australia that sells pure 100% Wild Caught Marine Collagen. Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body, it is vital to healthy skin. I use it religiously every day, mixed into water, a matcha latte or added to a miso soup.

Only the best will do

I don’t compromise on quality – that’s our unique point of difference. There is nothing like The Healthy Chef range in the Australian market. We take out the greenwash and focus on simplicity, purity, and premium quality. The Healthy Chef is truly the gold standard of functional foods. I created The Healthy Chef brand out of pure passion. My love of good food and my search for better health were the driving forces in creating the brand. For me, my most significant career highlight is the positive feedback I regularly receive from my community. When someone reaches out to let me know they love my recipes or a product from my range I’m totally elated. My community is always sharing with me the positive impact I have had on their health and wellbeing, and that really drives me!

“I don’t compromise on quality – that’s our unique point of difference.”


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