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One Woman, Two Brands – Total Skin Solution

How it all started

Like many successful businesses, INSKIN COSMEDICS started in my garage. After having worked for several companies I felt it was time to do something for myself. I initially started distributing a brand from the States but soon became disillusioned with the set-up. I soon realised the only way I could be in control of my business, true to my team members and partners was to create a brand of my own. At that time (9 years ago) there were not many active Australian Made, Medical-Aesthetic ranges on offer and online selling was a discounting nightmare. O Cosmedics was born with these benefits in mind. My second range, GINGER&ME Neurocosmedics, was co-created with my business partner Nicola Quinn who is also my New Zealand distributor for O Cosmedics. With O being so active we saw a need for a more nurturing cosmedical range, specifically geared to skins that have not used active skincare before and require healing and strengthening; a lighter introduction to serious skincare.

Covering all bases

Being the creator and distributor of two ranges involves a lot of madness! The biggest challenge is staying true to the different brands. It’s no different to having two kids, they each require their own care, they have their own personalities, image, story, needs and so on. Many of our partners offer both O Cosmedics and GINGER&ME. The main reason is the two brands have been designed to complement each other, to work together and to take nothing away from the other. Both partners and customers benefit given we have an armoury of skin solutions. O is for the serious skincare partner looking for corrective skin solutions and GINGER&ME is for that clinic offering skin solutions with a more relaxing and pampering feel. O doesn’t include a massage or cream masks, GINGER&ME does. The beauty is most patients are looking for serious skin results and to be pampered, together our ranges cover both needs. We also distribute devices to support combined modalities that help get to the skin goal faster. The Dermapen is a perfect addition to support both preventative and corrective skin results, VIORA skin tightening and contouring support another level of skincare and the Photonsmart LED is an easy must have when treating skin deep.

Dedicated to growth

As we tell our partners, “we are at their service”. Sell-In is much easier than Sell-Through and so our 18 BDMS (Business Development Managers) across the country are dedicated to just that – growth, profitability and results. Our educational program is second to none as is our loyalty program. I am not the type of CEO that sits in my tower and am happiest out in the field with my team and partners. This allows me to stay close to their needs, ensuring we hold up our part of the partnership.

Onwards and upwards

What motivates me is working with beautiful, caring and specialised people saving one skin at a time, one country at a time. My future plans include expanding our partner services, market expansion, treatments to drive customers through our partners’ doors, and also, a third skincare range. It’s too early to discuss but let’s just say this funky new brand will be targeted to a different demographic, making us the only Australian customised skincare offer available across all ages.






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