Tracey Beeby – Ultraceuticals

Head of Education/Ultraceuticals/based in Sydney


Who I Am

As a former salon owner now on the other side as an educator, my best advice is …

Use products that you believe in; products that will deliver results for your clients. With an industry that is oversaturated with skincare brands, it is important your clients have a good understanding of your chosen brand, its points of difference, why you chose to work with it in your clinic and what it is going to do for them.

The most important things you can do for a client is …

Take time to provide a good initial consultation and take photographs of your client’s skin. This way, both you as the aesthetician and your client are able to track and measure results effectively. Most clients rarely see a change on their skin from looking in the mirror each day, so it is vital to take baseline images, then monthly with each clinic visit. Then educate your clients regarding their skin concerns, providing the solutions for them in homecare products as well as in clinic treatments. Remember most results are obtained from homecare products – roughly 70-80 percent – so clients must use skincare at home between clinic visits in order to deliver real, visible results.

Keeping up with your education and educating clients is vital to success because …

The beauty industry is constantly changing and evolving. Rapid scientific and technological advances means new equipment and skincare formulations are consistently becoming available. Education is vital to keep ahead of the competition and to be able to properly serve your clientele. The more educated you are, the more your clientele will trust you and your expertise.

Products/equipment an aesthetics business should not be without are …

The piece of equipment I think is essential is a skin analysis camera. Clients are asked to invest considerable amounts of money in skincare regimes and, in this day and age, aestheticians should use technology like this to substantiate their recommendations. Similarly, aestheticians should use products with proven scientific results that can show a true visible difference in the skin because of the formulation of the product. Clients, I believe, also look for products that are safe, effective, trialled and tested in Australia and are certified cruelty-free.

Remember most results are obtained from home care products – roughly 70-80 percent – Clients must use skincare between clinic visits in order to deliver real, visible results.


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