Gillian Adams – Babor

Owner of Gillian Adams Salon & Spa in Turramurra, Sydney

I always wanted to lead the industry, so I was a creator of the changing industry, not just a follower.

Who I Am

My inspiration for establishing a pioneering Australian day spa.

Around 30 years ago, the industry was going through a lot of change. I wanted to create a place that set the standard for a true urban spa; an oasis where guests could receive the very best. It was a dream of mine to have hair, beauty and body all in one place that would provide an awesome experience for guests and to introduce, in particular, the-then groundbreaking concept of wellness.

My advice for longevity in a competitive industry

Believe in yourself. Be the best. Be creative. I always wanted to lead the industry so I was a creator of the changing industry, not just a follower. Don’t be fazed by a changing industry – it doesn’t faze me because I want the industry to rise above the standards.


How I’ve learnt to create a winning team

Staff selection is vital. One of my key questions to a candidate is “what are your values?”. I have learnt the importance of setting boundaries and expect a “fair exchange”; also to understand the many and varied interpretations that can occur in a team.

Indispensable elements/products in my spa

My purpose and values. My purpose is helping everyone to see their inner beauty and possibilities so they can conquer their world and beyond. From my purpose comes my values: integrity, being the best, caring, safety, communication, creativity and contribution. From my values comes choice of product, service, equipment, staff and suppliers.

In terms of services, the hydrotherapy pool, the café in the garden – the quiet oasis on Australia’s busiest highway – a unique, successful integration of a very busy hair salon with the quiet environment needed for beauty and wellness.

In terms of products, Babor skincare and its continual quest for innovation; the best equipment such as Emerge and Omnilux [LED].

People who have helped me most in my career

Noel de Caprio, an American hairdresser. I met her when I was representing Australia in a world beauty symposium in the late 1980s and she encouraged me to follow my dream. My Mum and Dad. We were market gardeners and my parents taught me to work hard, strive for success and to be the best in all I took on. Dad always won prizes for his vegetables and he developed his own tomatoes because he wanted the best tomato!

My top tips for newcomers

Research the location of your business and products to ensure they are great for the client and getting the best results. Follow your dream and stay true to the intention. Be prepared to put in many long hours. Just as I have had to be able to understand and manage money, to support myself in the difficult times and so I could invest in my ideas, seek great advice on the best way to invest and develop.

I always wanted to lead the industry, so I was a creator of the changing industry, not just a follower.


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