Why It’s Time To Embrace The Vajacial

We speak to vajacial expert Debbie Taskin about the benefits of the vajacial and why it’s positioned to be the next big thing in wellness and self-care.

From vampire facials to placenta facials, the world of beauty and wellness is filled with plenty of weird and whacky treatments — many of which are inspired by ancient holistic practices. Enter: the vajacial, the latest wellness trend that has seen a huge rise in popularity thanks to the likes of Gwenyth Paltrow’s Goop.

But what exactly is a vajacial and why should you add it to your treatment menu? Well, the vajacial is exactly what it sounds like — a facial for the vagina, or the vulva to be exact. Many modern vajacials begin with a cleanse, exfoliation and mask and end with a V-Steam. The steaming technique is inspired by the ancient Korean practice of Chai-Yok, where women sit on an open-seated stool over a pot of oil-infused boiling water or burning herbs that is thought to detoxify, reduce stress and increase fertility.

We sat down with Skinplicity founder Debbie Taskin to find our more about the vajacial and the rise in demand for this Goopified wellness treatment.

Skinplicity’s vajacial chairs with infrared backs.

Can you talk us through the process of the vajacial?

At Skinplicity, we offer a bespoke vajacial treatment; we like to think it’s a little different from what is offered in the market. Our treatment involves two stages. The first part of the treatment is a topical one where we target the actual skin of the vulva (just like you would the skin on your face). This involves cleansing and applying a detoxifying mask and is aimed at treating and preventing in-grown hairs, removing bacteria and smoothing the skin. The second component of the treatment is the signature V-Steam and is a modern twist on an ancient Korean holistic vaginal steaming tradition.

What are the holistic benefits of the vajacial?

At Skinplicity, we have specially designed steaming chairs with built-in Chinese herbs and infrared therapy. These are unique to our practice and treat a number of concerns and health conditions. Specifically, a V-Steam treatment has many benefits, including:

  • Stimulates the production of hormones to maintain uterine health
  • Protects the uterus from ulcers and bacterial
  • Soothes while strengthening the nervous system
  • Stimulates menstrual discharges, prevents menstrual cramps
  • Supports reproductive system, warms the womb and invigorates the circulation
  • Helps correct digestive disorders
  • Detoxifies the body which can aid weight loss
  • Stimulates sexual hormones
  • Minimises  menopausal symptoms

Who is your target market for this treatment?

The treatment is growing in popularity and clients vary between the ages of 25–65 with a range of concerns. The younger clients are generally interested in addressing menstrual cramps and detoxification along with sexual stimulants including tightening of the vagina.

The more mature clients are particularly concerned with decreasing symptoms associated with menopause. We also have many group bookings, including for hens parties or a girls’ day out. In addition, we also offer an A-Steam treatment for men, which has been gaining a lot of traction and is particularly popular in the lead-up to Mardi Gras!

Have you seen a rise in the demand for vajacials?

Overall, we have had extremely positive feedback and many of our clients regularly undergo vajacial treatments. We’ve also seen a lot of new clients in recent months, many of whom are referrals by word of mouth which I think is a testament to how successful it has been. 

I think soon enough the vajacial treatment will be no different to getting a facial or going to a yoga class. It is growing in popularity and given its health benefits, we think it should be incorporated into a regular wellness and beauty regimen. 


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