How To Take Your Wellness Services Out Of The Clinic And Into Your Clients’ Homes

Expand your existing business or start a new side hustle with the Blys booking app.

Wanting to expand upon your existing wellness services by offering at-home or in-office treatments? Or perhaps you’re dreaming of starting a new side hustle as a massage therapist or facialist?

Australian booking app Blys provides the platform to do just that.

Launched by Sydney-based entrepreneur, Ilter Dumduz, Byls was created to help time-poor clients (or those who’d simply just prefer not to leave their office or home!) with a way to access self-care services. Blys provides the framework to connect health and beauty practitioners with customers wanting to book appointments in advance or on-demand.

Blys connects practitioners with clients wanting to book in-home services.
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“It all started back in 2016 when my wife booked me in for a massage at my local spot as a birthday present. As a typical guy, the definition of self-care for me was a couple of beers at the pub with my mates, so I instantly felt intimidated and out of place at the small Bondi clinic. I thought to myself; I don’t do Yoga or drink green juice – am I still allowed to have a massage? I felt like I didn’t belong. But I remember having that treatment and walking out feeling amazing and rejuvenated, like a new man, really,” explains Dumduz.

This experience left Dumduz with the realisation that if he were able to do so in circumstances that felt more comfortable for him, he’d probably treat himself to a massage more often.

And so, Blys was was born.

Massage, mindfulness coaching, mental health counselling, and more are offered via Blys.
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Besides offering big benefits for clients looking for greater convenience, Blys creates new opportunities for therapists wanting to connect with customers who wouldn’t be likely to book in at a spa or clinic but would happily have a treatment at home. It also serves as an excellent tool for those wanting to start their own side hustle.

“Many providers on the platform use Blys as a means to supplement their existing income. It might be a massage or beauty therapist who works set days in a spa or salon and wants to add additional clients to their schedule, or a provider who wants the flexibility to visit clients in between school pick up and drop off or any other commitments,” says Dumduz.

“The benefit of Blys is that you can set your own hours between 6 am – 11 pm and your preferred location, so you are only working when you want and where you want. If that means extending your holiday and picking up clients while you’re there, you can,” Dumduz continues.

Blys is an excellent tool for therapists wanting more flexibility.
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Who is Blys for?

Since launching, Blys has already onboarded over 6,000 service providers onto the platform including massage therapists, facialists, Yoga and Pilates teachers, physiotherapists, mental health counsellors, mindfulness coaches, and more.

How can you join Blys as a practitioner?

To start booking work through Blys, you’ll need to be onboarded and approved as a practitioner. You can find more details on doing this over on the Blys site.

“To ensure the highest quality experience and safety for both providers and clients, all providers are carefully vetted for qualifications or relevant experience, identification, and police checks before joining,” shares Dumduz.

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