Naturopathic Services at Risk

The Complementary Health Council of Australia ( wants us to be aware of a number of proposed regulatory changes and proposals impacting the complementary medicine industry. If these changes are approved they will have a direct impact for complementary medicine health professionals. 

Of particular importance are the regulatory changes that will mean, as of July 2014, many practitioners could have reduced access to tools of the trade such as in-vitro diagnostic devices, bio-impedance analysis, live blood analysis, urine analysis and other in-clinic testing and monitoring devices or tools. 

The proposed changes also include regulating the advertising of therapeutic goods to the public which results in many practitioners not being able to access technical advertising and educational material from practitioner-only complementary medicine companies. In effect, the proposed changes mean that many healthcare professionals would be treated as if they were consumers. 

Please take the time to look over the Therapeutic Goods Administration proposal – responses are required by 12 July 2013*. 

The full report and the effects of the proposed changes can be found at the link below.

Special thanks to the Australian Society of Bioregulatory Medicine for sharing this information.

*All submissions should be accompanied by a TGA submission cover sheet, available on the TGA’s website at

Submissions must include full personal or organisational contact details, including address, telephone number and email. They must be submitted to the TGA by close of business 12  July 2013. 

Electronic submissions in MS Word format are preferred and should be emailed to

Please include ‘Advertising consultation’ in the subject line of the email.

Alternatively, hard copy submissions may be mailed to:

Advertising Consultation
Recalls and Advertising Section
Office of Product Review
Therapeutic Goods Administration
PO Box 100


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