Becca Gilmartin: At the Top

Aleesha Balfour caught up with inspirational makeup artist, body artist and educator, Becca Gilmartin at IMATS 2015 in Sydney to discuss her budding relationship with professional makeup brand, Kryolan.

How did you come to be in this industry?
It seemed to happen by accident. I was never much into fashion but one day as I face-painted at Easter, and was exhausted from working nights at a theatre restaurant where I also helped with makeup, it dawned on me that I enjoyed painting faces.

I stumbled across a makeup course and thought I wanted to work in film but on my way happened to fall into fashion and advertising. It just goes to show, you should follow your gut even if it doesn’t make sense to your head!

What is the best part of your job?
The fact I get to combine art and people on a daily basis. I am a closet artist and I get to create art with interesting people and situations. My life is certainly rich when art and interesting people are involved.

Becca for Kryolan Australia (IMATS)
Becca Gilmartin for Kryolan Australia, at IMATS Sydney

How did the relationship with Kryolan Australia begin?
I studied makeup 15 years ago almost to the day and Kryolan was always in my kit. I then naturally moved on to other brands when building my career. About three years ago I had a moment when I was like ‘wait this is really good stuff!’ and the conversation started then with Kryolan about how I could use the brand more in my editorial and creative work.

I can achieve so many different looks for both editorial and creative work, I can trust the products to do anything I need them to do and there is also a ridiculous colour range to choose from!

Do you have a favourite Kryolan product?
Dermacolor is a staple for me. I even use it in beauty work mixed with Shimmery Event Foundation for a sheer finish. At IMATS I demonstrated not only how to conceal a tattoo but how to take those same ‘heavy’ concealers and use it in a sheer beauty makeup.

Dermacolor is also easy to use and covers tattoos, birthmarks, bruises, you name it — it’s essential, I believe, especially if you are in the bridal industry and is life changing for many clients.

What about makeup trends for 2016?
We saw a lot of beautiful glowing skin at the latest fashion weeks as well as geometric eyeliner coming back. I have however seen a lot of bad red carpet makeup choices, in particular, wrong highlighting products chosen for the face. White highlighter was definitely over used (thank goodness not on the talent but on women who weren’t professionally made up!)

Becca Imats STORY 2In 2016, I hope women will embrace gold and pink-base highlighters and a step away from trying to look like an Instagram picture… which is mainly fantasy anyway.

Becca has recently launched her Body Art Book duo: We the Painted and MUA BOOTCAMP. Her M.U.A BOOTCAMP Classes are now open around Australia, in which Becca personally coaches artists over a two-day course.

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